I was a high school student and a mediocre basketball player on a losing team. I was sick of being average and wanted to be special. Worst of all, the girl of my dreams Pamela Wells is dating Mick, a jerk from an opposing team.

After one of the Beaver’s basketball losses, I began to notice strange changes to my body.

Later that night at a party, I kept noticing odd changes and had to get out. I ran home where I underwent a complete change and became “The Wolf.” At first, I tried to hide my condition from my father, but he would reveal that he too is a werewolf. My father never told me about the condition because “sometimes it skips a generation” and he was hoping it wouldn’t happen to me.

At the next basketball game, I couldn’t control the transformation. After momentarily stunning the crowd with The Wolf, I went on to wow them with my basketball skills and I finished the game with a quadruple double.

I learned to use my family “curse” to gain popularity at school, becoming the team’s star basketball player. And I was able to transform at will between my normal self and The Wolf. My basketball team went from last to first, and I began spending most of my school time as The Wolf. I also won the heart of Pamela while ignoring the affections of my best friend, Boof, who has loved me since childhood.

Meanwhile, my best friend Stiles, a party animal with an entrepreneurial streak, quickly cashed in on my new-found popularity, selling Teen Wolf T-shirts and other merchandise. Stiles’ “wolfmania” reached such extremes that he traded in his own vehicle for a stepvan dubbed “The Wolfmobile”.

After a freak encounter with Mick at the Spring Dance that almost turned violent, I ultimately decided that I just wanted to be myself.

During the final basketball game, I refused to “wolf out” and insisted on winning the game as plain me. Coach Finstock told me that the team is doomed to fail without The Wolf, but I was able to prove him wrong. In a dramatic ending, I was able to rally the team back to within one point as time is expiring. I was fouled by Mick on the final play and given two shots.

In a clear violation of the rules, Mick is able to stand underneath the basket as I attempted my foul shots. Despite having to jump to complete the free throws, I made them both and the Beavers won the game.

And I kissed Boof.

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