If you made it to this point you are either lost or totally bored and have nothing better to do with your time:) I am an avid photographer with a love of the ocean, seascape, landscape and those things that can be captured at night. I love the capability that filters add to capturing an image. Slowing down light and time seems some what magical! My hope is that what you see today here on the stream will look better than what I captured yesterday. . Feel free to leave comments good or bad and let me know what you think.

My images are available for sale. Please contact me for pricing.
You can send me a Fllckr mail or email me at: steve.surfbum@gmail.com

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    Pat Kavanagh says:

    "Steve, I am so inspired by your work! every image, every time! For those reading this, Steve passed by me in Southern Alberta (Canada) a year or so ago and ended up shooting the landscapes up by Banff and the Canadian Rockies. The images he posted were far superior to any I have seen in Alberta of the same locations - ever!

    You know you are seeing a Master Photographer when he comes into your own backyard walks out with shots that you would die for. Keep up the amazing work Steve....its all good stuff! - Pat."

    December 30th, 2014

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    Howard Brodsky. Re-grouped says:

    "There are many photographic legends on "flickr"…... as some of the best photographers I have ever seen strut their images and talents there ….I get to see much of the talent and incredible images first hand because of my involvement in my gallery…….and I'm honored to judge some of the best work I have ever seen as I'd like to think my Gallery "Flickrs Chosen Few" ( which houses some of the best work on flickr…….and where Steve has a strong foothold) shows the best of the best to be had on the flickr presentation.

    Steve Skinner comes to mind often when I am asked (and I am ) who I think are the better artists on flickr Island .His camera knowledge sense of colour, and incredible imagery, and unbelievable post work is an example to those striving to excel…to be the best that they can be …..on top of which Steve is a natural talent ( obviously) as his eye is so incredible and that is something you cant learn to the degree that he takes is craft ……….…you either got it or you don't…….Well its obvious that Steve does…….. he is a natural gift a stupendous talent.

    I have actually talked to Steve on the phone as I talk to many people who I like and respect on flickr….. that way as you get a real essence of a person …..as the computer screen can play games with your gauge ... I can tell you in absolute terms that Steve Skinner is a consummate professional…….. with an unrelenting drive to always be the best that he can be ..his work is mesmerizing because of his work ethic…….and therefore I always look forward to his next image.

    I can't to landscapes if my life depended on it lolololololololo………BUT I can tell you which are the better ones …I can describe and critique why something is right or wrong about an image… as I have been in the arts all my life …….. ….but I don’t have the skill to create landscapes/seascapes because to be at the top of your game you have to be specialized …….and I myself am a raptor shooter …….and I have no talent in Steve’s realm …….which makes me realize how good he is as he is consistent ..and he is thorough…… which makes me appreciate and envy how easily he seems to be able to knock these incredible images out .

    Steve has not only attained that goal of being one of the “BEST but his work continuously leaves most of us walking around with our jaws dragging…..Steve Skinner is one of the best at what he does…… and he has my complete respect, and the honor in writing this testimonial……..Howard Brodsky"

    October 29th, 2014

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    maccie1 says:

    "I've been a Flickr friend with Steve since turning pro a couple of years ago, I've followed his progression with very keen interest as I believe he is one of the most talented of us out there.

    He's inspired me from day one and continues to do so, his faultless attention to detail and obvious knowledge of processing techniques make his work unique.

    Check out just what this man can do, and does !!!

    Thank you for sharing Steve."

    March 17th, 2012

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    Ania.Photography - busy says:

    "Steve's images are on of the best HDR creations I have seen.Only a very good photographer can get such a perfect balance between HDR exposure,color, tones and composition in each one of his image like he does.I wasn't a fan of HDR till I came across Steve's photostream,his landscapes shots are breathtaking,He is very skilled and knows how to use technology to get the best image possible,there are too many cartonish looking images out there that give HDR a bad name.Steve's photographs are the perfect example of what HDR images should look like,and they are very beautiful and natural looking.He is not only very talented photographer but a kind,funny,friendly, super nice guy,he always finds the time to visit my photostream and comment on my work, unlike many top photographers out there who only do this if you are one of them.Steve is one of my best contacts here on Flickr and viewing his photostream is always a real pleasure to me,I am very tempted to learn more about HDR processing, thanks to him :o)

    Thank you Steve for the inspiration and for being such a nice friend
    best wishes!

    June 13th, 2011

Steve Skinner
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