You will find only stereoscopic photography in my gallery.
If this is all new to you, please consider learning a free viewing
technique like 'cross-eyed'. It's about crossing your eyes to a
certain degree: Learn it with this illustrated tutorial...

All 3D photos that require synchronization are shot with
two Canon IXUS 960 connected by an USB cable remote
and running StereoDataMaker (Chdk) on it. Since 09/2010
most of my stereophotography is done with 2x Canon EOS
550D synched with Yongnuo radio transmitters.

Except for that I used a single Nikon D70s, a D40x and two
cable connected Casio Exilim EZ-77.

.           .         .        

fusion: it's closer than you think

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    sleightman 3D says:

    "If I had the time, I would comment on all of yours photos. But how many times do you want to hear, "you are a master stereographer"? Your brilliant use of spacing always displays a strong sense of depth, and yet it remains easy on the eye, just the way it should be. Your fantastic composition in both two dimensional and three dimensional space perfectly captures the beauty of the country that surrounds you in a most unique way. Your use of color is also unique and has a trademark style all its own. Add to that your expert use of the stereo mask, both subtle and bold, and it makes every one of your shots betray the care and attention that went into them. Everything you do is exceptional and you are a master at your craft."

    June 9th, 2013

January 2009
Software Developer