Stephen B Whatley is an expressionist painter, published in TIME magazine, whose major commissions include architectural paintings for public institutions including The Royal Collection of HM Queen Elizabeth II, London Underground and the BBC; and 30 paintings commissioned by the Tower of London permanently showcased throughout Tower Hill Underpass at Tower Hill. He has been presented to HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in recognition of his work.

The artist’s vibrant oil paintings are in private collections worldwide and public collections
including BBC Heritage, Historic Royal Palaces, the London Transport Museum, the Royal Collection, Westminster Cathedral & The Carrollton School of The Sacred Heart, Miami, USA.

Born in London in 1965 he studied at The Ipswich and Norwich Schools of Art and The University of London in solo & group exhibitions, including London’s National Theatre, the ICA, the Lloyd’s Building, Olympia International Fine Art & Antiques Fair & Westminster Cathedral.

Whatley was part-time Lecturer of Portraiture at Kensington & Chelsea College in London from 1990-2000.

Stephen B Whatley’s work has also been published in The Guardian, Guardian Weekend magazine, HELLO!, MAJESTY, Metro London, The New York Times, The Sunday Express, The Daily Telegraph, The Times & USA TODAY; and is listed in David Buckman’s dictionary,
Artists in Britain Since 1945.

Stephen B Whatley is noted for his spontaneous work on location and has painted major architectural landmarks, often in anniversary years. Public commissions include five architectural paintings for the BBC; and paintings of Buckingham Palace, both painted on location, to promote the Summer Opening of the Palace, via London Underground posters: an exterior view of the Palace for the Royal Collection (which hangs today in Her Majesty‘s London residence); and a painting of the Grand Staircase.

The artist was also commissioned to paint a vibrant series of 30 iconic paintings for Her Majesty’s Tower of London- many painted on location in and around the Tower. The entire series of works are permanently reproduced throughout the public walkway that leads from Tower Hill Station to the Tower of London.

As a portrait painter, his sitters include actors Dame Judi Dench, Susan Hampshire OBE, Alec McCowen CBE, Sir Ian McKellen, Siân Phillips CBE, Alison Steadman OBE, Julie Walters OBE, Virginia McKenna OBE and Barbara Windsor MBE; broadcasters, Sarah Greene & Valerie Singleton OBE; comedienne & writer Jo Brand; actor, comedian & singer Brian Conley; financier, Ivan Massow; & Michael Mansfield QC.

Stephen B Whatley has donated his work to raise funds for charities, most recently having his
tribute painting of Fred Flintstone auctioned to raise funds for the Joss Searchlight Children’s Cancer Support Charity.

Stephen B Whatley's paintings reproduced near The Tower of London by Stephen B. Whatley

'TIME' for Barack Obama - Artist Stephen B Whatley, December 2008. by Stephen B. Whatley

"My work springs from my heart and soul - & I give all credit to God. I thank God in particular for the Blessing of sight..."

© Stephen B Whatley

Artist Stephen B Whatley owns the copyright of all images showing on this site; including works of art in public & private collections worldwide. Please contact the artist for permission to reproduce any of the photographs in this online gallery.

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    theroamincatholic says:

    "Stephen is a virtuoso of colour and simply a beautiful human being...his art may be called 'expressionist,' may even seem abstract at times...but for me, he's the ultimate realist. He paints what it is real: life, beauty, humanity, truth, love, God."

    May 27th, 2011

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    lorenzodom says:

    "One need not note that Stephen B Whatley’s work is commissioned by royalty to realize that he is a master of colour, a painter nonpareil and an artist of extraordinary imagination.

    As with photography today, it particularly difficult to distinguish oneself in the art world. Yet, somehow Stephen has done it nonetheless.

    Kudos to Mr. Whatley and his swath of wonderfully inspiring work!


    Author of 25 Lessons I’ve Learned about Photography,
    the #1 Photo Essay and Artist Biography on for 2010!


    November 3rd, 2010

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    rich66 ~~ says:

    "Stephen's talent and creative expression on canvas is beyond the reach of us mere mortals. We are lucky he shares his gift with us here on Flickr. A true artist and kind soul."

    November 15th, 2009

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    the art of Suzanne Kraus Mancuso says:

    "I am madly in love with Stephen
    work is just out of this world!!
    I am his # 1 fan"

    September 21st, 2009

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    samsfadil says:

    "My friend Steven is very handsome & high - class...
    You are an intelligent person & very professional
    drawing And you have imagination,
    and also a wonderful.

    You are a person of great talent,
    & use a beautiful color make you a special show for you.
    "When I see one of those I know that you made a painting that"

    I can say about you:
    Apperance captures the eyes, but
    personality captures the hearts!


    July 14th, 2009

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    chippewabear says:

    "My friend Stephen B Whatley, what a sweet and loving friend, what an amazing artist, I am so proud to know someone with such awesome talent. Stephen prays for me, for my health and wellness and I am so soothed to know he does, God listens to the gentle and meek in spirit and Stephen is that and more. He is thoughtful and kind and I am so thankful for his friendship and to be able to keep him in my prayers . I know he will be super successful and world famous soon. I hope one day to be able to meet Stephen face to face . I am in awe of his insightful talent and if you look at the photos of his wonderful work you will be awed also."

    January 16th, 2009

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    Sergio Serrano 69 says:

    The gift you have been blessed is incredible, I think is the best of gifts.
    I love your work, congratulations.

    April 30th, 2009

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    ineedathis, Everyday I get up, it's a great day! says:

    "I have never met such gentle soul as Stephen yet,
    He has a delightful personality and very well spoken gentleman,
    From the time I met and wrote E-mails to each other I developed
    a great bond with Stephen, you see we got something very similar
    to share, its our Beautiful Mothers unfortunately we both lost our
    Mothers at a very young age,
    As he does many times I remember and I just start to cry,
    Can you imagine grown up man crying like a baby? well thats me...
    He has an exceptional talent in his very beautiful own style which I
    just love so very much, I am sure you will all agree once you lay your eyes
    on one of his masterpieces, Please feel free to look on the web to see what others
    think of his brilliant work,
    Dear Stephen I do thank you for given me the opportunity to be your friend,
    also for introducing me to your masterpieces and sharing bit of your life with me,
    God bless and thank you for being my friend!
    Love and hugs!

    November 2nd, 2008

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    Quay Bell says:

    "Stephen's Art blesses my Soul~He paints from his heart~I don't know him as famous, or a celebrity~just a kind, kindred spirit~His work inspires me to express myself, in my own Artistic endeavor's. I count him as not only an Artist but friend~
    ~Quay Bell~"

    July 29th, 2008

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    Greenman 2008 says:

    "It goes with out saying that Stephen is a great artist, his work is for all to see and appreciate here on flickr. The comments and responses he receives from other members show how widely loved and respected he is. I would just like to add my name to the many who value this lovely human being and all he contributes to this life. Stephen was the first person to contact me on this great site. He made me feel welcome and supported. He is a true and valued friend."

    July 21st, 2008

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    RocketArt says:

    "Although i have not been an artist for a long time, i have found and have followed and read about those that inspire me and Stephen B. Whatley was the first contemporary artist that i have seen that inspired me and made me think, "here is a Master". I loved his work from the moment i saw it, The expressionistic vibrance of colours and fluidity of the brush strokes were wonderful to see. Stephen has such a soul for art - that you can see that more than just paint goes onto the canvas. Stephen B. Whatley puts his heart his mind and his soul into his works to give them a spirit of refreshness. Through his early days of realism, into surrealism, and then into his own unique expressionism Stephen has produced wonderful work. His beautiful permanent exhibit commissioned by Her Majesty at the Tower of London is a testament to his mastery and ability to share his gift with everyone. As I got to know the artist more, i discovered a wonderful warm man , full of kindness and faith, and a heart that touches anyone who comes into contact with him. A great artist! and man! I have a wonderful friend and an artist to inspire me always, and a brother in faith...what a gift! Thank you Stephen...
    -Steven G. Fowler"

    July 13th, 2008

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    bahketni says:

    "Stephen B Whatley is a gifted artist that I proud to call my friend. He creates masterpiece with his brush stroke on canvas that's are so amazing to look at. I also love some of his great photographic captures that gives us behind story of an artist life as it move along. If you haven't, please take the time to look through some of his impressive work, you will be amazed. Thank you Stephen for all your support and encouragement of my work as well. You are asset to the art community and may you continue to create magic with your brush!"

    June 25th, 2008

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    Eddy Roy says:

    "From the moment I first saw this talented man's art, I had the feeling I knew him. It's that personal!

    On Flickr we get a chance to view Stephen's art work then and now and see it's progression to the present. It's a virtual feast for the viewer's eyes and I've spent many hours enjoying his work.

    I told you I loved talent Stephen and I do. I'm a huge fan of yours today, tomorrow and for all of my time!


    June 2nd, 2008

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    Kaedele says:

    "Stephen B Whatley, I am very lucky to have met you thanks to Flickr.
    Dear Stephen, you have created the first living gallery where we can follow the artist in some chapters of his life.
    You have the generosity to show us the evolution of your Art, some slices of your life, you while you are painting.... and you always introduce your pictures with a detailed commentary. It's like a "journal de bord" (a diary) embellished by the magnificent colours you use with your unique style.
    You always say gentle things to each of us and this, I do appreciate a lot ! Your friends become sometimes my friends too (Ed, Cathy,...). I feel so well in your world, Stephen and I thank you with all my heart, never forgetting the angel of light who takes care of you, your beloved mother, Marjorie.
    Dieu te bénisse, Etienne.
    Tendresses de Kaedele (Kay)"

    May 31st, 2008

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    GENERALLE says:


    May 24th, 2008

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    Sarath Nambiar says:

    "This Artist , whom I proudly call my brother "Stephen B Whatley " as i know is one of the best examples of a fine Human Being.....His passion, efforts, and love for others is very unique and special.
    He stands out for his single minded devotion.What is perhaps more impressive is his childlike curiosity and willingness to learn...These two qualities alone would be
    sufficient to take him places.He is a humanitarian to the extreme.
    One can say that he has artisitc eyes with a passion for paintings.All his works are of such high standard on color, composition, contrast & creativity.....His marvolous personality combined with his spiritual vision makes him stand out in the crowd......

    Fortunate are those for whom Circumstances fit them; Excellent are those who fit to the circumstances. Everyone's fortunate in one or the other way.....But only a few can be excellent......!!!
    A very few like u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stephen !! - with Love from INDIA"

    May 19th, 2008

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    PTHouston says:

    "Stephen is one of the greatest artists of our time and there is no telling what he will become once he has a few years behind him. He can truly capture the essence of others in his work. It is in deed a privilege/honor in knowing him and his work. All the best my friend!!"

    May 3rd, 2008

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    Donna Lethal says:

    "Stephen, I'm honored that you found ME and are my friend - like I said to TJB ... if only I knew you when I lived in London! I hope you come back to Hollywood soon so we can go to the coffee shop at the Beverly Hills Hotel (and more!)

    April 27th, 2008

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    f650biker says:

    "Gladly I see its art Stephen.
    Creativity connects humans.
    Gladly I see its painted pictures.
    Greeting Michael"

    April 23rd, 2008

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    Tomitheos says:

    "Stephen B. Whatley studied for a degree in Fine Art (Painting) at Norwich School of Art, Norfolk, UK and later, as a professional painter was commissioned by the Historic Royal Palaces for Her Majesty's Tower of London.
    With an unquenchable thirst for artistic culture and adventure Stephen continued his work with the Australian High Commission, Australia House, London UK where with his sensitive application of buttery colors and brushstrokes he achieved a magical realism in the series that followed.
    Stephen's works are completely unique, he has successfully made his art style his own. Stephen is a constant inspiration with his art work, his keen analytical eye for portrait illustrations along with the natural and architectural beauty he captures in his work.
    Thru his camera’s eye Stephen frames and displays the digital beauty of his artwork into a wonderful online flickr gallery photostream; where every carefully placed brush stroke is displayed on every pixel with the rendered emotion that created it.
    A well rounded visual creator Stephen B. Whatley captures moments that reminds us that it is the journey, not the destination, that impacts our lives.
    Having never met Stephen in person, I am very grateful to have Stephen as a flickr contact and wish him the best of luck in his life endeavors."

    February 20th, 2008

  • view profile

    Hugotepic says:

    "An amazing talent and a wonderful human being opens this window which allows us to enjoy a unique visual journey: vibrant colours, human beauty, idealistic figures, unforgettable landscapes that will live forever...and more, much more!
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for filling our eyes with the colors of your art and our spirit with the richness of your soul.
    God bless you!"

    February 2nd, 2008

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    TJBNYC76 says:

    "Since I cannot praise or critique Stephen Whatley's artwork from a professional's perspective, let me simply say that what I love about his paintings is the immense joy which they convey. The joy that Stephen obviously feels from creating is transferred imemdiately to his audience.

    And his work celebrates joy on so many levels: the powerful, erotic surge of "Trunks" or "Market Place Cowboy" will resonate with anyone who has felt that delicious-yet-awful, right-between-the-eyes pang of longing; and then, his beautiful evocation of nature's simple wonders in "The Humble Sparrow" and "Mexican Limes" reminds us of the joy we sometimes forget is all around us, every single day.

    And what can I say about Stephen's amazing cartoon tributes and abstract portraits of some of Hollywood's greatest goddesses! As one who also spent his youth faithfully watching the Golden Age of Hollywood stars flicker on my television screen, dreaming of a more beautiful, glamorous yesterday, I completely identify with the intangible, inexplicable joy and affection of celebrating and elevating these glorious ladies of the screen.

    If you don't "get" it, you simply cannot understand how finding the perfect 8x10 glamour photograph of Lana Turner can send one into paroxysms of joy. Stephen not only "gets" it, he has the incomparable skill of taking that photograph, filtering it through his imagination, distilling it and its subject to their very essence, and creating something even better and more impactful than the original.

    The result is like seeing a memory: not a crystal-clear reproduction, but the bits and pieces and smells and sounds of a memory. His Rita Hayworth abstract portait makes me hear Gilda's bell-like, taunting laugh, and see her tossing that lustrous mane of hair.

    Personal loss and tragedy informs every conscious and unconscious part of our beings; what counts is if we can transmute those losses and tragedies into the positive and productive. In painting his beloved mother, what is so striking is the incredible sense of joy one takes away from that particular work. It is not a work suffused with melancholy or mourning or loss; it is a celebration and an affirmation, and the smile he paints on his mother's face truly makes the cliche of "a picture being worth a thousand words" ring true.

    Like the candy-colored films of yesteryear which he so loves, Stephen's paintings are templates for the way life should be yet often is not, and how we should at least attempt to live it--with boundless enthusiasm for the beauty around us, and, above all, joy."

    January 28th, 2008

Stephen B Whatley
November 2007
London, UK
I am:
Professional Artist
Stephen B Whatley - Artist
stephenbwhatley [at]