I like taking pictures.

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    Pat Ferro says:

    "What a marvelous eye and sense of art.
    The sensibility is part of her work: great photo composer, she has a particular and interested use of the camera. P. Ferro"

    25th February, 2008

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    Rishika Palvankar says:

    "Her photos are mind-blowing!!!!!!!!!!!Too good..."

    1st November, 2007

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    somnium! says:

    "im a newcomer to her work, but I'll stick around.. imaginative
    work.. best wishes always darlin +"

    5th October, 2007

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    Ben.Millett says:

    "Truly a master of her art. Not only do her photos scream of her technical abilities, she leaves very kind and worthwhile comments. You cannot visit her photostream and leave after a mere glance. You want to examine every last nook and cranny of a shot to make sure that you haven't missed a single detail."

    7th September, 2007

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    Stew* says:

    "Steph is an astonishing and genuine technical photographer with multitudes of adoring stalkers, and yet she manages to drop me a nice comment now and again. How does she do it? What's "film?" Go, Steph!"

    13th July, 2007

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    cowboy_montgomery says:

    "Steph's got her technical stuff down, but it's more than that. Her portraits are so open and relaxed, it's clear that her subjects love her and are completely willing to let their guard down.

    You see, she understands both cameras and humans. In my book, that makes her a pretty rare bird, and a great photographer. I'm so glad she hooked up with that Hasselblad."

    8th May, 2007

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    Keith Yeung says:

    "Stephanie, enjoy her different aspect on photography. I am amazing her humor, creative and talent in her work. Best wishes on you always, my dear!

    3rd May, 2007

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    Edward Olive Actor Photographer Fotografo Madrid says:

    "the lady has photographic class."

    5th April, 2007

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    TPOdell aka "the vicar" says:

    "Steph is an inspirational photographic artist with the ability and skills to approach a subject from many different perspectives. Her open mindedness to search out and use the positive aspects of any type of camera she uses is an example to all photographers."

    3rd April, 2007

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    Michael Ash Smith says:

    "Steph is such a creative, unique and insipirational photographer. I am always intrigued by each and every photo of hers. Keep up the good work!"

    10th March, 2007

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    nichole_e says:

    "Steph has a gift for the noir. Her photos are consistently stunning."

    22nd February, 2007

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    Agent Retro says:

    "Stephcarter has an amazing outlook that we are all lucky to have a chance to see in her photography. She encourages me to strive for a better shot each day! A beautful lady with a vision to share. : ) Thanks Steph!"

    11th February, 2007

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    i love Peace says:

    "she is my superstar!
    i am fascinated with her creative style of role play that mixs well in her lovely photos, for her wit and compassion and that is why i love her deeply.............
    her photos can bring me the muse and she is my superstar!
    may all buddhas be with her, my superstar!"

    23rd December, 2006

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    Sandman5 says:

    "Steph claims to be a beginner photographer but her pictures tell another story. Her self-protraits are always inventive, daring and unique. She has an excellent eye for color and composition and I'm always amazed by her creativity. I look forward to her pictures on a daily basis as she never fails to disappoint. So, stop reading this and go take a look!"

    22nd December, 2006

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    Ch@rTy says:

    "Steph's photos always have her own unique touch. There's warmth and bags of humour to her self portraits. Her still-lifes are exquisitely composed. They show a lust for life, and a happiness to revel in the simple things.

    Looking at her stream is always a pleasure."

    21st December, 2006

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