Ex Sheffield, now retired to Denmark.

Slowly over the past year I have become more interested in photo-manipulation rather than "off the camera" shots, and attempting to make my photographs in to pictures.

Many of my photographs may not be posted "off the camera", they are what I see and not necessarily what the camera caught. The camera is my tool, not my master, it is the paintbrush of an artist with no talent :-)

Recently I have had people faving or commenting on my photos's, who when I go to check, have no photo's available to me. I will block these people from now on. Also to those that mail me asking exactly how I process my work who have never commented or faved any of my stuff, then go figure out yourself!

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1. Halo over lakeland, 2. The river Severn on a spring day, 3. the old blast furnace, 4. Red Dawn, 5. Road to Bree, 6. Papaver, 7. Lakeside Promenade, 8. Alone, 9. Archway, 10. Second city sunset, 11. Golden dawn, 12. Reflecting on the past, 13. Enchanted forest, 14. Dark water, 15. Dramatic sky and poppies, 16. Blossom time
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  • Switzerland The Matterhorn / "...dessine-moi un mouton.... ...Draw me a sheep..." 5 by Izakigur

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    Glenbourne At Home says:

    "I have been viewing and admiring Steve's work for a number of years. His work only gets better. Shot after shot, Steve displays a wonderful eye for a great composition and his PP work is one of the best I've seen. All in all this man has a talent that sets him apart from the rest. Thank you for the pleasure and the inspiration that I always get from viewing you work, my dear friend."

    April 28th, 2010

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    turtlemom4bacon says:

    "Steve has a magnificent talent for turning a fantastic photo into an extraordinary Masterpiece.... each and every time!!!
    What a marvelous talent he has!
    He is a sincerely wonderful person with a great sense of humor... his comments are a delight to read!!!
    Thank you for being such a wonderful friend!"

    April 4th, 2009

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    larigan. says:

    "Steve has been one of my contacts for a long long time and it takes me a while to get around to writing testimonials! I always enjoy seeing what Steve will upload for our pleasure - his imagination and creativity know no bounds! He is never afraid to try new techniques yet despite this you can always recognise one of Steve's creations! He turns every day scenes into little works of art, often with the addition of artefacts which never fail to make me laugh. He's a great guy, down to earth and friendly, with a wicked sense of humour as well. Take a look through his photo stream and be prepared to wander through the past or into a fantasy world. Thanks Steve!"

    February 7th, 2009

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    RichiesART. says:

    ""The pleasure of flickr is emphasised by the very people who comment on your work. Steve is one of those people that enhance the richness of your own work with the ability to see things from a different perspective. His comments are genuine with a mixture of fun, honesty and compassion. If Steve is a friend of yours on here you are very honoured.
    His work takes you on journeys only the great masters could achieve. To understand his work, you have to approach the simplicity of light and colour which can be hard to grasp. Steve does this with true, masterly compositions. Blending all this together with the accuracy of nature itself.
    It has been a pleasure to know him over the last flickr season, and I will be watching and admiring his work for many seasons to come. He is, although he states a learner as his pedigree, I believe he is in the premier league, top four even, of his chosen craft.
    Thanks for all your wise comments, its been fun too.

    January 6th, 2009

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    Guy Wulf says:

    "If there is any one person on Flickr who has had the most influence on my photography it has to be Steve. His photostream is outstanding and often my comments fail to do justice to the effect his work has on me....because in truth the beauty of his images are the work of genius. To add to that he has been a friend, guide and mentor and very supportive of my photography....(which, I might add, pales into insignificance by comparison)....to get Steve`s approval of an image is the highest accolade. So Steve...a big thank you..you`re an inspiration to us all....in fact if you weren`t a Yorkshireman you`d be damned near perfect...lol."

    January 3rd, 2009

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    :: Artie | Photography :: Travel ~ Oct says:

    "Well, what can i say about Steve? :) HEAPS in fact! I don't even need to think much to write him a testimonial :D Steve has been one of my earliest contact and has definitely show me what art is all about even before i attempt hdr processing myself months ago. Every work he post illustrates the talent & creativity which has been running in his genes all along. I'm so glad camera is not your master & the master is U! :) Indeed an honour having you as my contact & friend Steve! Take care!"

    December 17th, 2008

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    guarded snails says:

    "Steve is a superb photographer and a cheerful, attentive friend. Despite his overly modest claim of having 'no talent' I find him to be extremely talented indeed. A tip of my hat to a superior photographer."

    December 1st, 2008

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    aliceinthepoetsheartland says:

    "The many awards received was the testimonial for the mark of excellence achieved in the awards group we had.

    You have been recognized as masterful photographer and remain acknowledged as one of the best here in Flickr."

    October 6th, 2008

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    Kelvin Wong (Away) says:

    "Steve is one of my older contact~~ (not too old! LOL)... it have been quite while since I know him in flickr. Therefore, I have seen many many of his great work! his work is truly inpired me a lot!!! A great photography skill + great processing skill, make him a magnificent photographer!!! I am truly enjoy his work and hope he will share more and more beautiful photos with us in the future!!!!

    Beside great photostream, he is also a great contact! Always being very supportive and stop by to his contacts photostream leave a very kind comment. A true friend from flickr!!!"

    September 15th, 2008

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    ~ Seba ~ says:


    You were one of my first contacts in Flickr, and your friendship follows present until today. I´m really thankful for all your support to you in my work, because you are a real master for me.
    It enchants to me as you manipulate the photos. Your textures are gorgeous and the way in which you handle the light is fabulous. Each of your photos narrates a fascinating history, in which we are invited of honor. Thanks to you, I am well-known beautiful places of the United Kingdom, traveling from Chile to England.
    Many greetings, Steve, and I hope that you have a very happy life next to your family!! =)
    See ya around, my friend!


    August 23rd, 2008

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    Ashley Lebedev says:

    "Simply put - His work is entrancing. Each piece a visual feast. Each piece, an adventure. A true and unique source of inspiration."

    June 1st, 2008

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    Rob Vardigans says:

    "Steve's post shot processing is truly awesome. He turns his pictures into great works of art. Each one transformed into an old master painting. John Constable would have been proud of him! He is a great Flickr Friend who is very generous with his comments, the master of composition, light, mood and contrast."

    June 1st, 2008

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    swift fairies says:

    Steve a photographer with a lot of quality in their editions and with great talent to make it perfect.
    Thank you for sharing your work with us.
    Greetings from Spain"

    April 18th, 2008

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    _Bonnie_ says:

    "The truth is this: I just adore Steve's pictures - especially his golden images of the beautiful English countryside. Steve is a master of composition and technique; and I look forward to his every posting. Each of his shots contains something new and exciting to admire. Thanks for being such a great inspiration and flickr friend, Steve!"

    February 25th, 2008

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    Nick Haigh says:

    "I really don't know how Steve manages it, he's out there taking all these amazing shots and then produces all these beautifully crafted masterpieces yet still be on here 24/7!!
    is he real or is there a clone somewhere...on a serious note,
    Steve has become one of my faves here on flickr, always a pleasure to view your work my friend"

    January 31st, 2008

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    Martyn Starkey says:

    "Steve is a wonderful photographer and a brilliant manipulator of his photographs. I am always impressed with his work which is of the highest quality. On top of this he is a wonderful contact as those before me have testified. I am honored to have him as a contact and flickr friend."

    January 16th, 2008

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    chitofran says:

    "one of the first few contacts i had in flickr, steve always drops by your stream to give a comment and a good word or two. much like a friend who always calls you to say hi and hello. i'm glad to have this nice british gentleman as one of my contacts :) (and did i mention he has a stunning collection of photographs? :))

    keep it up, my friend!"

    January 11th, 2008

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    smooth wilderness says:

    "Steve has some of the most beautiful shots on flickr!
    i am so lucky to have him as a contact!
    He has a zest for life, and it shows in all his shots!
    i so much enjoy seeing what he is going to post next!
    always brings a smile to my face!
    Steve, you are truley a Blessing to us all!
    and please keep up the beautiful work!
    yours is like no other! :) Jerie"

    December 19th, 2007

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    Funky Slug says:

    "I'm sure I'm not the only one who's realised that Steve's work is something out of the ordinary. He's a genuine artist who's (rightly so) not content with just point and shoot photography.

    You will always find that Steve's taken that extra bit of effort to add something a little bit special to his work. He's never afraid of trying something new with his processing, which means that you just have to check in regularly to see the latest additions to his photostream.

    And on top of that, he's a decent bloke too, which helps......."

    November 26th, 2007

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    luzzzelmann says:

    "A man of steel ;->
    A multisided photographer with sometimes really great pictures in his stream.
    Nice to meet you.


    Massive Attack: one of the best UK-bands over the last decades !"

    September 11th, 2007

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    confused shade says:

    "I've only known Steve a few months but you,ll struggle to find a nicer bloke.Not only an amazing photographer but someone who always takes the time to comment on and encourage other peoples work. I look forward to seeing many more exceptional pictures from him,no pressure here mate,it's a piece of cake for you"

    August 25th, 2007

  • view profile

    aback harbor says:

    "I'm very glad Steve got addicted to photography lately. He often chooses uncommon subjects and his pictures never fail to surprise me. There are some HDR pics in his stream you must see! Steve is most faithful in commenting on my pics, and his comments are always friendly or funny. I hope I will be his favorite duck for a long time!"

    July 5th, 2007

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    New Yorkled says:

    "I don’t recall who stumbled upon whose work first but I do know that I found his photographic taste for the rustic, the quaint and the relaxed side of life to be very appealing to the eyes and the soul. Steve truly shares his world through his camera much like a painter shares his through a paintbrush.

    Just as I've borne witness to his evolving collection my appreciation of his work has evolved as well….’and wonderfully so at that! I’m very happy to have Steve as a friend here in this flickr world and look oh so very forward to more of his creations. Keep It up Steve!"

    June 26th, 2007

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    Ronen M says:

    "A few words about my great experience on your photostream:
    I just love your work !

    You creates a special mood with each piece you creates.
    I find You very creative. Your pictures are great and interesting.
    I'm immpressed with Your artwork and wishs that you'll see
    me as your friend.

    Keep on the good work,


    June 19th, 2007

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    THEjdawg says:

    "I'm certainly glad you took up photography. Your pictures are great and interesting. Outstanding person. Proud to have you as a contact. I look forward to seeing more your work."

    June 11th, 2007

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