I've always been fascinated by photographs. Whether images of sport, fashion or weddings..printed or plastered on a billboard. The fascination of the craft inspired me to study photography in school. But after my dad died I withdrew from the program, to support my mom and younger siblings. Despite lacking the business knowledge of the industry, I continued shooting and experimenting with images. I managed to establish a number of strong relationships with some reputable clients, and shot professionally for a number of years. Once digital photography evolved the industry took a hit, and a number of photographers had to quit the business and find other professions..as did I.

Life went on and family became my priority. After almost ten years married to my beautiful wife and having two gorgeous children I found myself in a job that paid the bills, but there was still a void. Never fulfilling my potential..gets me everyday. As I said though..I've always been fascinated by photographs and I'm in the groove again. This is my story and these are my images.
John Machado

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John Machado
September 2010
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