Hello, thanks for stopping by and having a quick scan of my profile. Did you realise that's all we do these days? There are suggestions that you will probably make up your mind about me in about 6 seconds. That means you've probably not even managed to read this far.

Right let me share a quick story to keep your attention for a few more seconds.

All of us love stories. We love books, we love the movies, we love cartoons, we might even love some of the adverts. Stories allow us to create pictures in our brains, which result in real feelings.

Remember the phrase: ’I don't remember what you said, but I will remember how you made me feel’. Stories make us have feelings and even better memories.

✩ When you create your LinkedIn profile, ’Share your Story’.

✩ When you post or publish articles, let those support your story.

Social Selling is sharing stories. And because I love to help you ’Share Your Story’, I also create Whiteboard Animations to create better memories in your buyers’ brains.

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Michael de Groot
September 2011
Stourport on Severn, United Kingdom
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