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For the love of Gadgets. :)

I am a AFOL. I have a son who is YFOL. My daughter just likes hiding the pieces. My wife is understanding, yet doesn't understand the facination of Lego.

I'm a computer geek.

"I'm a PC"

I'm also a Mac user. But since I prefer to "game" , I don't like the Mac.

I love to take pictures. I'm not a pro. But I've been doing it a while. I like to use a Canon 5DmkII and a PnS Canon 870IS (I think).

Anime, love it.

Did I mention I love gadgets?

I thought I would give a bit more info:
Hi! I'm Starstreak. Or Starstreak007 for those that seen my pics here on flickr. I guess I'll give you a little background of myself.

I've been a fan of Lego since I was young, probably back in 1976 when the space sets starting appearing. And sort of stopped somewhere in high school when computers and photography became my "in thing" to do. When I got into college, I started building Lego on the side whenever a set caught my eye, but being "poor" I never really bought much due to the cost. Things picked up a little more arount 1996 when Technics (with more detail) sets started coming out and Star Wars sets a few years later. I started picking up sets of those that I liked when I had money. Shooting forward in life, I put most of it on a backburner when I got married and had kids. I didn't want them to choke on the little pieces so my Lego went into hiding. When my son got to be around 5, I started him on Lego. And he loves his Bionicles, Star Wars and Indy sets.

Starting sometime late last year, I found out that there was many AFOL on the internet. And so I desided to post some of my Lego sets on Flickr. At this point my son who is now 7 and now knows NOT to touch MY lego sets, I started building all the unopened boxes I had. I felt kind of nuts doing that too! I also found out how much some of them are worth. I can't believe some of those sets are worth $100's of dollars. I didn't know if I should build them or sell them. I'm a AFOL. I kept them and built most of them and posted shots as I finished new sets on a weekly basis. That sounded bad just typing it. lol.

I'm an active member at I'm Starstreak on that site and do a lot of reviews of Lego sets that I own.

Sorry for the long intro. Oh and yes. I don't usually give my real name or that of my family members. Although, I think I have said my Son's name in a few posts. lol. Not because I'm embarrased that I play with Lego, but the wife HATES anything to be posted on the internet. You know, what gets said on the internet, stays forever. :)

r k. on Dipity.

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    brickapolis says:

    "If you want something reviewed. Have "starstreak007" do it. He'll take AWESOME pictures, and add a great commentary in the process.

    An all around great guy and AFOL."

    August 9th, 2009

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    spiffy floor says:

    "What in the heck is a hoodle?"

    May 2nd, 2009

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    lLikePi says:

    "Starstreak is a really cool guy. He buys many LEGO sets, and frequently posts high-quality, bright, and detailed pictures of them. I visit his photostream almost every time I use the internet. He also makes some occasional MOCs, most of which are great. Of course, he sometimes types things badly (spelling and grammar), but I don't mind it. :)"

    April 16th, 2009

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    SHARPSPEED says:

    "This guy seems friendly, and he builds good. VERY GOOD. Plus I taught him what a hoodle is."

    April 14th, 2009

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    Exxtrooper says:

    "Starstreak007 is a very friendly type, and always show the best lego products and also makes instructions for lego products, there's not many who does that, and that is one of the 1000 reasons this guy is awesome."

    April 9th, 2009

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