First of all. Please note that all my pictures are copyrighted. As long as you want to use them on your personal weblog (non-commercial, non-political and non-religious) you have my permission to do so, as long as you link back to the flickr photo-page. You may also use them for private purposes like printing.

If you want to use them otherwise send me an e-mail.

Not so much to say about me. To keep it small and simple: The only important thing is, that I am glad to have my son

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What might be interesting to those who look at my pictures. There are two types of pictures I store on Flickr.

The first ones are targeted at those who know me personally and want to see some shots of the family and where we've been. Most of those pictures I don't count as artistic in any way - they are not meant to be artistic.

There is a second type of shots. I shoot them from some kind of an artistic point of view.

So if you look at my photostream please consider always to keep that in mind. Those looking at our "private" photos: please accept there are some pictures you count as worthless. Those who look for pictures from an artistic viewpoint: please accept those other pictures as what they are and don't tell me they are bad pictures. I know about it. ;-)

What can I say about flickr? I like this site a lot. It not only gives me a possibility to back up all my pictures and share them with friends, family and who else cares. But it gives me an opportunity to look and comment on other pictures, and to get comments in return to mine. Both helping me to improve. I think I haven't learned as much about composition in the last ten years, then what I learned here in two months. This is not that my theoretical knowledge has expanded, it is more that my eyes are sharpened and trained to the key factors that make a good shot. The thing is, that you must turn that into an automatism, otherwise you will be overwhelmed by all the things you have to take into account.

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    'SeraphimC says:

    "A great photographer with a great heart."

    August 18th, 2008

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    Zenith Phuong says:

    "I used to receive low scores from Reini, i also received highest possible score from the same guy named Reini. His "magic numbers" always mean a lot to me as they help me grow up in such a huge photographic world. Reini is some of a few nice people who usually give others the best advise how to improve their photos. I feel so grateful for and excited about that!

    I do like his macro photos a lot. He makes some scary animals/insects so alive that i feel that i could almost touch them. I wish i had enough compliments for each of his works... ;)

    thank you very much for considering me as one of your contact on this lovely flickr!"

    July 14th, 2006

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    dsevilla says:

    "Let me be the first to write a testimonial for you, Reinhold. I'm pretty sure much more will come in the future. Why? Well, there are some reasons. First, you're a really good photographer. Then, you're a true person, sincere and with a fine critic eye. More? OK, you help a lot in the critique groups to new photographers as I am, which is really great of you.

    I can see how your expertise of years of film photography shines through your new digital SLR. Keep the good work with your 350D!! :)

    From a friend,

    April 24th, 2006

Reinhold Brezovszky
January 2006
Kottingbrunn, Austria
I am:
Manager in Accounting