We both have cameras and we're not afraid to use them. (Except for when we get chastised by security guards at malls and train stations who tell us we aren't allowed to take pictures in public places. Then we get a *little* afraid.)

Shawndra is originally from Denver but has lived in England for a good few years with the spectacularly wonderful SImon, who is from Brighton, England.

His current weapon of choice is a Panasonic Lumix point and shoot. She noodles about with a Canon D-SLR 700D, though isn't above appropriating the husband's camera or whipping out the iPhone for a short-notice shot.

We take photos of pretty much anything so there is a vast and sometimes strange array of things to view on our pages. It's been very surprising finding out how popular photos of food on airplanes and in restaurants are!

Anyhoo, hope you like at least a little of what you see. Let us know if you do - comments and little stars make us positively giddy!

Shawndra and Simon

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