I'm an artistic introvert with an overactive imagination, I try to seek the answers in life, but to know the answers you must first know the questions and just as in science every good answer raises many questions. Its a winding and complicated path that always leads back to the beginning, but when I find myself there again I'm not the same and each time I realize more and more what a beginning really means, especially when its an end. Confused? Good. I'm a methodical person, I'm sensitive, some people say too sensitive, I usually don't fall for anyone unless they adore the crap out of me. I have a twisted and goofy sense of humor; I've become very pessimistic towards the world from what my search for answers has yielded. I grapple with many spiritual practices trying to find the meanings in them for my own life and for the modern world in an agnostic approach, while trying to strip them of any fundamentalist weight my thoughts may give them.
I am pretty geeky when it comes down to it, I am fascinated with many stories because stories are the most complex creative process in my opinion and I've always liked telling stories ever since I was a kid.
I love music of course, the most beautiful sound of our imaginative minds; I find each genre has its own great bands. I try to remember that only through simplicity can the true beauty of life be experienced.

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April 2005
Spokane, WA
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