An Irish ex-pat living in Sydney, Australia by way of America.


I enjoy Flickr and while I'm very good at taking pictures I still need to improve at taking good pictures.


I also enjoy geotagging images and like to see other images taken around places I know. For more on GeoTagging check out :


GeoTagging Flickr


My personal favourite is this Geotagging tool :


Localize Bookmarklet


which had been put together by aemkei .


I am also rather fond of panoramic images, which I'll stitch together from many smaller images, the main stitcher I use is Autostitch can can be found here :




TinyURL for my Flickr Page :


Cameras :


Canon IXUS v3 (3.2 Megapixel) Retired

Olympus 720 SW (Waterproof) (7.1 Megapixel)

Panasonic FZ-30 (8 Megapixel)


spud murphy. Get yours at


View my DNA at


I have started blogging it can be found here if any one who is interested


Also on YouTube

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  • JoinedJanuary 2006
  • OccupationDigital Cleaner
  • HometownCork, Ireland
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