Hong Kong Skyline

Somewhere in the midst of a city covered by people like the ground of an anthill you can see a face that looks different.
This face might not have wide eyes and the hair might not be not as black as of the other faces that are used to paint the szene I am talking about.
This face belongs to a 23 years old sweetheart that was called sprengben by himself.
He does not consider himself to be a Photographer but he somehow loves the power that lays in a simple click that possibly lasts only a breath of a second but on the other hand gives authority over true Art and real style.
He is not bound to any rules because he just doesn't know them and therefor is not in the position to sitck to them.
He just hopes to capture extravagant shots and portray life in a way that hasn't been done before.
As I am getting more professional… lol!
I am still not bound to rules. But my equipment get’s a bit better. A lot of people ask me what I use to take my photos. You will be surprised I think. I am able to take photos with let’s say, none professional lenses and they look good…
Just guess, there is hope for everyone like me whose purse is on Diet… :)
Camera: D90
-Tamron AF 17-50mm, F 2.8
-Tokina 12-24mm, F 4
-Nikon 70-300mm 1:4-5.6D ED
Filters: What?
Strobo: TBA!!!
Other: 2 eyes that need glasses to be able to see what I want to capture :)
Maybe I am an equipment n00b, but let’s face the facts. If you have good places or people to shoot you can even make cool photos with a Babylens or a Holga so why not with a Tamron or Tokina Lens?
If you don’t believe me look at my pictures. Most of them are sharp and have colors!

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    Ganymede: Photography says:

    "Spreng Ben is a superb photographer - Portraits, landscapes, urban, macros and more - he can handle everything. He transforms photography into pure Art, and he is one of the best in here. You better check out his gallery, you will enjoy it the way I always do!"

    August 12th, 2011

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    Sukanta Maikap Photography says:

    "Spreng is an inspiration for me. Many of his cityscape are crazily amazing. I actually started trying cityscape after looking at his pictures.

    At times he goes a bit overboard with HDR. I guess that is the only point he has to keep in mind.

    Overall an amazing photographer and surely an inspiration for many."

    October 27th, 2011

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    To2Camba says:

    ""every photo that ben uploads in flickr is technically superb, contains a story and product of a good imagination. most of his photographs are really admirable that's why he is nice to follow. And one thing that i admire most about him is the openness to share his techniques to others""

    April 15th, 2010

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    sara-maria says:

    "Sprengben is definitely one of the most creative photographers in my contact list. He doesn't just take a picture. You can exactly see how much work he puts in every single of the photos in his stream. It starts with a good eye for the right motif, the right perspective, the right exposure. And it ends with really amazing editing. His HDRs are exactly how HDRs should be: colourful, plastic, but not "too much" of everything.

    Of course he has the possibility of capturing many, many amazing sceneries as he lives in Japan currently. It's always great to see his view on this interesting country, and I'm glad that he shares his impressions with us.

    Last but not least Sprengben is one of those contacts who never write a standard comment but always look at your photos close and find some interesting words about it. I really appreciate that and I'm happy to have him in my "list"! :)"

    April 10th, 2010

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    maurorobi66 says:

    "Sprengen has provided a 'window' to Japan.

    I can't get enough to look at his images! They show, that Japan is a beautiful country. Sprenbenn expresses very well that beauty in his photos !

    Thank you , Sprengen , for sharing your photos with me, with which I could learn so much of Japan ! With them, you have given me with even more reasons to add Japan to my future travel destinations !

    Thoroughly amazing shots , ever and ever again. Every photo makes me feel and experience something new . We all have all seen many good photos on Flickr, but these ones are top quality, each of them.
    You are definitely my favorite photographer of the ones in Flickr.""

    April 1st, 2010

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    Derek Caiden says:

    "Ben represents a new wave of photography on Flickr. His work covers a wide range of genre from portrait to street photography but more recently, he has developed his own dominant style of coloured cityscapes that are quite simply stunning. Ben’s use of highly saturated colours taken at night using long exposures are technically brilliant. Note the perfect verticals and balanced tones throughout. There are no burned highlights and this is very difficult to achieve. Ben is currently travelling the world and capturing some of the best photography I have seen in a long time. Worthy of note are his shots taken of the Hong Kong skyline, Japan and China. For those, like me, who love popped colours – check out “Tokyo Metropolitan”, “Daniel’s Bike” and “Taxi”. My other favourites include “My Little Panorama” and “Shopping Again” taken in China. Ben’s views reach into the tens of thousands and he has over 600 favs already – all of which are well earned! I look forward seeing his new work appearing in my “Your Contacts” box. A truly great photographer!"

    March 28th, 2010

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    Jérémie POUTRAIN says:

    "Cities are concentration of the most incredible creations of mankind. And Sprengben is one of the people who know how to make it apparent in picture. If you love urbanity, you will necessarily love his work. You can see that he is a man who has run a lot of places in the world. And always find a way to make it surprising and beautiful with his amazing eye. Some rare points of view and magical light make the efficiency of his style."

    March 27th, 2010

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    Choulabags says:

    "Sprengben..one of my newest contacts, but what a great stream..some amazing work going on there...and some great ideas..always different so you never know what you are going to see....great so see a stream from someone who says he does not know the rules....there are no rules for you..keep em coming.."

    February 22nd, 2010

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    ^soulfly says:

    "Sprengben's ability to pre-visualize from great capture to top notch post processing and has a pure artistic feel to it. He definately has a beautiful stream to walk through and deserve ur time to stop by and view it.

    Besides that, he is a contact that never fails to drop by and visit.

    Keep it up the good work mt friend!


    February 13th, 2010

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    marcp_dmoz says:

    "Sprengben is a very talented photographer! He has a special skill to see the beauty and capture it into his photography.
    He is improving very rapidly and shares with us some of the most wonderful HDR images. Keep it up Sprengben!"

    February 7th, 2010

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    cortto says:

    "immerse yourself in the gallery of Sprengben, pass across the mirror, light and color combine beautifully with the touch of fantasy so necessary in today's world"

    February 4th, 2010

Spreng Ben
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