i am a stay at home dad and am now devoting all of my energy to being the best dad and plush mad scientist i can be.i spend most of my time crafting the cutest and creepiest little creatures that as days go on take up more of my house lol.but i don't make them for me i make them for the world. too many kids grow up with store bought plush when they could have unique things made with love.
i go to extra lengths to make sure everything i make is as durable and sturdy as i can, no glued on eyes or faces, everything is carefully stitched in place.

All Spooky Daddy Toys are produced lovingly by hand by one person. No Chinese children with bleedy fingers. From a doodle in a sketchbook to the pattern drawn on sheets of cheap copy paper taped together. All the way to a plush monster fashioned out of soft cuddily fleece. There is no corporation. Each dollar you send to Spooky Daddy Toys goes towards more fabric and stuffing and electricity to keep my sewing machine running and food to go in my belly to keep me running.

Every creation is truely unigue. Even series of plush all have different faces and personalities. True handmade quality work CAN still exist in this world of mass production and imitation. Every piece that is sent out has been personally blessed and cursed and sewn and taken apart and resew until it is just right by one human being who recieves all of the money that you trade for your new art.

When you buy a plush that was mass produced how much of each sale do you think actually goes into the hands that held the pencil that created the character out of nothing, or the hands that held the fabric when it was still in a single sheet and the thread as it left the spool?

if you like anything you see on here visit my webstore to see if it is available right now and if you don't find what you where looking for there email me with any questions.
check back with me as i am constantly adding new creatures to my store and my flickr page.

don't forget to go visit my Etsy shop
or you will be sad :-(

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    revtomfury16 says:

    "spooky does a hell of a job you can tell he loves his work and boy does it show.
    he made me my new best friend and right hand man "Greengo"
    and i love me this puppet!
    his toys real do take on a life of their own."

    August 5th, 2008

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    wendyweeber says:

    "i love my eyeball!"

    June 2nd, 2008

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    Lorell says:

    "I have just received my first Spooky Daddy plush and I could not be more thrilled! The moment he emerged from the box, I knew I had something special. These wonderful creations have so much personality it's almost, dare I say, "spooky". Everything is working together here : concept, artistry and execution. The workmanship is second to none.
    I could never go back to store-bought blandness, and while Spooky keeps creating these awesome toys, I won't have to!"

    March 14th, 2008

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    Spooky Momma says:

    "Spooky Daddy Toys are some of the best handmade plush available on earth! They are sturdily made so they're little-kid friendly (no glued on parts, buttons, etc). PLUS they are crazily amazinly creative....like something you might see in your wildest dreams (or nightmares!)"

    November 3rd, 2007

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    nervousonion says:

    "spooky daddy's wit and craftsmanship inspire me to be a better dollmaker.his creations are full of life and humor. and poo.

    lots of poo."

    June 1st, 2007

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