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Manor History – Fr P Ryan CSSp


In 1641 all the lands of Kimmage, Terenure and Milltown were in the hands of Peter Barnewall. At that time there was a castle in good repair on the lands of Kimmage. There were various owners and tenants through the years Rocque’s map from the mid eighteenth century shows extensive buildings on the location of the present Manor House. In 1829 Frederick Shaw with his wife and family came to live in Kimmage.


They occupied an ‘L’ shaped section of the present Manor building facing the present Mission House. This embraces the present Manor basement, the mezzanine floor used today as meeting room, classroom 3 and APA office. The top floor comprises the present staff office, classroom 4, administration office and MA coordinator’s office. This ‘L’ shaped section is at least 250 years old.


Within two years of their arrival the Shaw family had constructed a two storey addition to the south side of the ‘L’ shaped existing building and more than doubled their floor area. The front entrance, entrance hall, reception area and staircase were built. On the same floor reception rooms which later became classroom 1, the computer room, Friere room were added. Upstairs there were bedrooms which later became the assistant admin office, DEA office, the KDSC Director’s office, the boardroom, and assistant director’s office. These rooms are approximately one hundred and seventy five years old. The Shaw family had remodelled Kimmage House until it acquired its unique Tudor style with triangular gables, spiral turrets and tall chimneys and false window.


Sir Frederick Shaw lived here until his death in 1876. His family moved to Bushy Park and Kimmage House was leased to various tenants. In 1898 Mrs Mary Ida Clayton leased the house and lands in perpetuity and came to live in the house with her two sons. From Mrs Clayton the Spiritans acquired the property on the 7th June 1911, which by that time had become known as ‘Kimmage Manor’. Immediately it was agreed that it would be called ‘Holy Ghost Missionary College, Kimmage, Dublin’.


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