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Hi. I like to take pictures.

little reflectionsThe cheese was still bubbling when it came to the table.A R C A D Ehi. this picture is awesome.gondola
Golden Gate Bridge\m/tablesMonopolowauni on the platter
treatsolivesCandy From Strangers19 - 20 weekstraffic light
Solid State LogicUS Air Guitar Championshipssiamese treesSutro Under RedSymphony X live at Slim's
utensilspatchwork hot air balloon over the golden gate bridge while tossing flowers out the basketKip WingerseatsViansa Winery

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    pterantula says:

    "A very cool guy who takes very cool pics - what else could you ask for?... OK, maybe a burrito and a beer, but I'm sure he's good for that too....."

    December 31st, 2008

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    ColdCold says:

    "I met Rick in Miami in late June, 1993. Great guy - made me feel comfortable when I knew nobody. In the next couple of years he proved to be the only sane voice in his household (his room-mates were also close friends of mine... but they were a bit less "grounded", let's say.) Rick is down-to-Earth, unconcerned with popularity en masse (unlike his roomies) and someone I could always measure. Add to that, he was bold enough to stage a faux home-robbery to scare his roomies into maybe locking the door of their house once in a while!... hahaha, that was awesome!"

    July 28th, 2006

February 2004