visited 34 states


My pictures are completely out of order... I'm in the process of going through university portfolios and then the 8,000+ photos I took during my year being a gypsy in Europe... plus now I travel for work, which I love, but also means I come back to a full inbox and not so much time to edit photos... so I find a few I like, edit them, upload them... go back... find some more... repeat... so yeah... chaos... but I'll try and keep them in order in the sets... k?


I do appreciate some constructive comments... especially when I'm posting on a group for a rating/comments (all 'very nice' s don't help me improve)... sometimes though if I get poor reviews I take your critiques and then remove myself from the group and delete the comments because, well.. no one wants anything lackluster under their pictures do they?


just nothing too bashing please.... as Erica Badu once said "I'm gonna test this out ya'll... but I'm an artist... and I'm sensitive about my shit"

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