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**I** am just a simple guy who likes photography, not trained in any but who says you need to, to have fun?


**Please comment if you like or don't like what you see, all feedback are welcomed.**


If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't have to lug a camera. - Lewis Hine


In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration. - Ansel Adams


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i wish i could see....




1. sleep is at the end of the line, 2. old kallang airport, 3. random decay, 4. a snake tail, 5. soft, 6. rainy day, 7. the lone vespa, 8. precious,


9. my hanging heart, 10. weeping willow, 11. a lone bug, 12. my 50D vs your 7D!, 13. stairway to the daily life, 14. star, 15. my big orange heart, 16. the sleeping tiger,


17. the red horse, 18. orange pops, 19. i will be right here waiting...., 20. used and abused, 21. vibrant nature, 22. lime-licious, 23. i missed the bus but caught the fireflies, 24. calvin loves tammy forever,


25. serrated, 26. under the bridge, 27. hot pink!, 28. matt, 29. trapped, 30. freedom, 31. a long way up, 32. white green yellow red and blue,


33. taking a break, 34. going home, 35. making waves, 36. beauty in white, 37. sea of red, 38. peace before the storm, 39. lights off...., 40. 2 different worlds,


41. the morning sun, 42. lives at the corridor, 43. walkman, 44. wet dream, 45. soft pink in the rain, 46. gloomy day, 47. one way or the other...., 48. the red the yellow the brown or the blue?,


49. the raging bull, 50. we lost our heads, 51. take me to the next level, 52. i need an umbrella....., 53. the red line, 54. i see red, 55. beauty in black, 56. welcome to the jungle,


57. raining buttons of light, 58. seats in shangri-la airport, 59. almost like heaven, 60. flower bud, 61. door wall, 62. pink panther II, 63. the chosen one, 64. i love orange,


65. my goldfish III, 66. red hot chili


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PEHx2 says:

I am an overseas Singaporean who lives in Melbourne now. Hsalnat reminds me of Singapore in a strange touchy-feely way.. Tasteful, Unique, Insightful, Creative, Artistic, Skillful, Niche. Big fan.

April 12, 2010

Lash is one special person i know who can Make a Perfect Photograph of very uncommon things... which most people cant even think about. You are a great inspiration to me friend. I bet you all agree with me. :) Happy clicking.. Raj!

May 29, 2009