My name is Thana Thaweeskulchai.

I am photographer from Bangkok, Thailand. I took up photography back in my college years. Back then, all I wanted to do was to record events that were happening in my life and not simply let them passed me by. It was something I did for fun ever since I was a small kid and I wanted to picked up the camera again...and I haven't put it down since. Now I photograph the streets of Bangkok and work on personal projects, usually social and political subjects that I feel strongly about.

My style is simple, direct, honest and authentic.

My Motto: Remember!

What have I done so far?

After spending the first few years photographing anything and everything, from stock to street photography, what I personally find most rewarding is to tell stories with photographs. So far I have photographed, for myself and for various clients, travel, pre-wedding/engagement and surprise marriage proposals. I have photographed a terminal patient in a hospice and beggars on the streets of Bangkok shopping district. Also I have been covering political situation in Bangkok since 2009, attending rallies and protests on both political sides. For that, I was caught in the middle of a violent mob, was within earshot of explosions and gunshots when the military was involved, got myself tear-gassed by the riot police and was part of the largest peaceful demonstration in Thailand's history.

What do I want to do?

I want my photographs to tell important stories. Photo documentaries, photo-stories, photojournalism, whatever it may be. I want to photograph people, a slice of their lives and their special moments. I don't shy away from difficult subjects, be it social, personal or political. Photography has always been an important part of modern history, collecting its stories as well as influencing its outcome. I want my photographs to have a positive impact and change the world.

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Thana Thaweeskulchai
November 2008
Bangkok, Thailand
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