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  • Me in Black and White by closelyobservedphoto
  • Me with a black eye. by closelyobservedphoto
  • All wrapped up for winter by closelyobservedphoto
  • A face only a mother could love? by closelyobservedphoto
  • On the left, September 2006; on the right, May 2007. Which do you think is better? by closelyobservedphoto
  • Myself and Sonia by closelyobservedphoto
  • Sometimes I think I must be crazy by closelyobservedphoto
  • Portrait of the artist as a hoodie by closelyobservedphoto
  • Surprised? by closelyobservedphoto
  • Scowling by closelyobservedphoto
  • Time to upgrade my mobile phone? by closelyobservedphoto

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    Kat110168 says:

    "Chris or soylentgreen23 has an amazing eye(s) that is able to capture both people and places.
    His photos tell a story without really having to use words.
    His shots of people reveal both their honesty and their beauty.
    There is no pretentiousness to his shots OR him.

    Looking at his photos is like holding up a mirror to the real deal.

    His scenic shots? Or photos of majestic parlors? Make me want to travel more and experience life.

    In short - soylentgreen23 is a photographer that takes you traveling with his lens while you get to stay in the comfort of your own home.

    July 23rd, 2009

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    Sergio Lubezky says:

    "Christopher has a keen eye for photography. There is no doubt about it and after a few seconds browsing throughout his photostream you will find that there is a pattern of perfect composition, interesting subjects and great technical skill in the use of his photographic equipment.

    But it does not end there... Chris has a photographic soul.

    In his images there are many layers, and mostly all of them will talk to you about love, happiness, life and the combination of all those factors together... in short, the joy of life.

    His work is a joy to see, and if this is your first time here, you will probably come back for more. Enjoy it, as I am sure you will."

    July 7th, 2007

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    vanarts says:

    "It's a free tour around the world!!! Chris has a very good eye for architectural details, and thus places of interests, through his viewfinder, become more magnificent in different perspectives. Colors and composition are the main focuses in Chis's works, and it's a pleasure wandering about in this photostream!!!"

    May 30th, 2007

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    xamad says:

    ":) Well, Christopher is one of my favourite new contacts on flickr, he has really a good eye for various type of photos, I'm looking on his photostream and i'm losting on it, so beautiful flowers shots, also so many nature and urban shots.
    I really like his works and i'm look forward for new fantastic capture! and yes I also envy his timing, great catch of bird and other, so Christopher, Good Job, you are a great photographer for me!

    Sincerely, :)


    April 27th, 2007

Christopher Walker
March 2005
Stamford, UK
Bielsko-Biala, Poland
I am:
Male and Taken
Writer, Photographer and TEFL Teacher
Closely Observed
closelyobserved [at]