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Public Libraries are both a very old and a very new idea. The modern public
library service provided by South Dublin County Libraries is recognized for
its strong customer service ethos and its innovative use of technology for improved
services to all customers. Our libraries are community spaces where people come
to read, relax, learn and search the broad range of human knowledge stored in
books and in online resources.
South Dublin County Libraries provide free and democratic access to our services
and connects people with their local authority and their wider communities.

Our libraries are vibrant cultural apace where reading and the book are honored
and placed at the heart of all activities. Children are the readers of tomorrow
and collections and activities to help them engage in learning and creativity
are place at the centre of our services.
Ongoing education in literature, languages, music and the sciences in all our
branch libraries further enhance the learning network of the County. The memory
of South Dublin is available in our Local Studies collection and through SOURCE
our online digital heritage service.
Mobile libraries cross the County daily to remote urban and rural places bringing
new worlds to discover and explore.
Contemporary technologies are harnessed to provide digital books from our website
allowing us to provide 24/7 service to our customers from anywhere in the world.
Customers with reading difficulties can listen to downloadable audio books for
free and without visiting the physical branch library.
Visit South Dublin Libraries on the Web

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