English guy, buys a camera, takes photos.


Mainly a photographer of music, musician, streetart, local sites, foreign places and people on trains.


(or as a good flickr friend put it "Most fond of beans in the morning")


My photographs tend to be on a minor scale, focusing on the natural urban landscape in my locale and around me. I also do gig photography, and love nothing more than photographing musicians and bands I like.


I do not have a lot of time, use a basic DSLR camera and free photo-editing software. I enjoy playing with other people's phtographs as well as my own. I am the founder of the photographs become art and the not-before-its-time Not 365 Days group on flickr.


There's a 5 minute tour of 50 of my favourite photographs. If you want to see my photos in a bigger bundle, 200 at a time, go here: www.flickrleech.net/user/southcoasting.


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I like the way Jon sees the world. He finds natural compositions everywhere, including in beans. And listen to the mp3s - there are some great choices in there.

August 11, 2009

An inspiration in enthusiasm and a lovely guy, how does he have enough hours in the day to give as much flickr-encouragement as he does!? Also an excellent eye for the little details in life! Should try film photography though ;0)

January 22, 2009
proud wilderness (deleted)

A smashing photographer who takes fabulous photographs. I especially relate to this man as he too takes photos of flowers, the sky, and food! lovely.

July 2, 2007