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Photographer, writer, soupatraveler. recording life as i see it.
I take pictures. I tell stories. I travel the world.

To use my photos and/or obtain hi-res copies, please email me at For more information, visit my website:

I am a contributor to Stocksy United. You can purchase a selection of my work as
royalty-free stock here.

Flickr is a constant source of inspiration. It teaches me not only about photography, but how others view the world. How you view your world. How you see your daily life, your surroundings. The colors. The textures. The extraordinary. The mundane. The multitude of elements encompassing a single image. As you connect me to your daily lives, I attempt to connect you with mine. I hope you leave my stream feeling inspired too.

Any feedback is truly appreciated. I'm grateful for each and every comment you leave; It's always nice to learn when someone is sending some love my way.

And now's a good time for a copyright reminder, all images:
©2009- 2015 Holly E Clark, All Rights Reserved

Thanks for stopping by!

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    ~nut*meg~ says:

    "I love being Holly's contact because she challenges me not only to look at the world in a different way but to also examine my own heart musings. I love her photography, her passion for traveling and her discovery of self-love. I am glad I am along for the journeys that Holly takes because they speak to me in many ways. I also love her prose and keep encouraging her to write a book! She is a delight here on Flickr."

    March 2nd, 2011

  • view profile says:

    "So I'm pretty sure Holly doesn't have more testimonials because we all stop and read SuperDewa's and say 'never mind; can't follow THAT up'...she's really said it all, but I'll try!
    Holly is quite possibly my favorite contact. One of my first contacts, she remains a supportive, humorous, and ever gracious and thoughtful contact. She's always got the best observation or comment to leave, and takes the time to visit and comment often. She's one of those genuine, authentic people who really want others to be happy, and does so through her words and inspiring photos. She's one of the best writers on flickr, getting us to look at things in new and important ways. Oh and her photos? They're always great; the woman knows her way around her Canon! She's a perspective and bokeh master, and does a good job of changing it up and photographing a variety of subjects, making her stream uber interesting. The descriptions of her photos are some of the best, and I look forward to reading her words as much as viewing the photos. Through her photos we've learned what an interesting life she's lead and continues to lead; I'm pretty sure we'd all like to have an element of her life, be it the awesome husband, beautiful dog, wonderful neighborhood, great decor, amazing travels, and connection to her inner self. In short, Holly rocks. I'm glad to consider her among my friends and hope to have a chance to meet her someday!"

    November 8th, 2010

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    SuperDewa says:

    "Following Holly's stream is like reading the ongoing autobiography of a fascinating woman. Whether she's in the wilderness of South Africa or cruising her own neighborhood in Philadelphia, she takes glorious photos with a journalistic flair. It is as fun to read what she writes about her photos as it is to look into her world. She is often trying something new, taking a class, expanding her horizons, and she takes us along for the ride. At other times, she goes inward and gives us a glimpse into the musings of her soul, and reminds me to delve into those same hidden depths in my soul. Holly is a positive force in my life :-)"

    October 25th, 2010

Holly E. Clark
June 2006
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