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    *Zig* says:

    "Soulsister is the Queen of waterdrops! :)
    No doubt about that! Her Tears of Heaven set no.3 is SENSATIONAL!
    Thank you so much for sharing all those wonderful photos with us :)"

    November 7th, 2005

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    roschler says:

    "Soulsister's photography is a delicious buffet of fascinating textures, intriguing scenes, and gorgeous colors. She paints surreal dreamscapes with her lens, using the whole world as her canvas. Seeing one of Soulsister's photos in my Contact's thumbnails is like getting a little present that I eagerly tear open, to get the juicy prize inside."

    August 25th, 2005

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    JucaFii says:

    "Soulsister has the magic power of filtering the poetic soul of anything she shoots. Her eyes are gates to the Beauty. I am very grateful to her for divide all this treasures with us."

    June 7th, 2005

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    mojo52 says:

    " ...virtually met soulsister in the zen photo pool, she was skimming the surface, with leaves and feathers in her teeth doing the backstroke.(haha)

    Kidding aside,I've been addcited to soulsisters imagery ever since then.

    A love of the outdoors and the tiny, seemingly, insignificant things in nature, they matter most to this photographer. Perhaps, I am wrong, for it's just a feeling I get, but, this is what her fantastic photos say to me.
    Yes, her photos speak volumes!!!!!...sometimes, they even quote e.e. cummings'poetry! She knits 2 arts together with astounding success: poetry and photography.
    soulsister has the talent and sensitivity to move the Alps. I know this for certain: her photos have moved me! Thanks!
    sunkisses forever!

    May 16th, 2005

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    Lady-bug says:

    "Even though I've never met Soulsister in person I just adore her! Her love of life and beauty shine through her amazing photos! I feel blessed to see nature in her part of the world. :-)"

    April 16th, 2005

February 2005
The Promised Land, Switzerland
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