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    Woddy Chipmunk says:

    "I love this man. He keeps my feet warm in winter!"

    21st December, 2009

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    Jeremy Sloan says:

    "If SOG is to the practice of medicine what he is to his friends on Flickr, he must leave all of his patients in stitches, too. He is the Godfather of the Weirdies and an inspiration to us all."

    14th February, 2009

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    Jumpin'Jack says:

    "What can I say about SoG? He's a doc. And I'm not commenting on that one, 'coz I'm very wary around people wielding sharp and pointy instruments for living - esp. the ones with thick black moustache.

    However, I'll instantly click with one who's cheeky enough to call himself "people mechanic".
    But wait, there's more: considering his geeky tendencies for computers, databases (*wink*), collecting unusual words, fiddling with Photoshop and taking the life utterly seriously (just take a look at his icon and his "flying buttocks" photos), I pronounce him an honorary geek.

    Well, I heard he takes photos as well and a bunch of them got into... wossname ... Explode thingy - but I haven't yet paid much heed into this curious rumour...

    There. Now I'm off to finish that barrel of Scotland's finest, he sent me as compensation for writing this.
    (Och, càite bheil an taigh beag?)"

    3rd October, 2007

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    Point-Shoot-Edit says:

    "Ahhh Sog.. what can I say that hasn't yet been articulated? He has great taste in women! There, I found something. His photos are everything, from beautiful landscapes to the entirely absurd. I enjoy each visit I pay to his page. He has a wonderful sense of humor and isn't afraid to be on the far end of the joke. I like that in a person."

    13th August, 2007

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    Bill Adams says:

    "I don't know SoG, so I can't really vouch for him."

    6th March, 2007

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    Wosog says:

    "I love this man. He keeps my feet warm in winter!"

    17th November, 2006

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    Chad Vector says:

    "If I'm ever trampled by a herd of cattle in rural Scotland, I'd like none other than SoG to attempt to reattach my severed limbs. He's a good fellow, and I hope to share a few whiskies with him one day."

    26th October, 2006

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    Cap'n Canuck says:

    "SoG is the wisest, funniest most compassionate man I have ever come across on Flicker. (besides me of course) I am happy to have met him and I am even more grateful to call him friend .

    "Je suis Marxiste, tendance Son of Groucho.";
    "I'm a Marxist of the Son of Groucho variety"."

    27th August, 2006

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    RobotJAM says:

    "Groucho, what can I say, I find his work menacing/playful because of the way the optical suggestions of the figurative-narrative signifier visually and conceptually activates the larger carcass.

    It should be added that with regard to the issue of content, the disjunctive perturbation of the spatial relationships brings within the realm of discourse the distinctive formal juxtapositions.

    I think that says it all."

    7th December, 2005

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    The_Canary says:

    "I find it incredible that I have only known Son of Groucho since I met him..... which incidentally is something I can't remember doing. It's too late not to meet him now, so I guess I will continue to know him for a good while yet.

    In the words of the "late" great Abba person...Knowing me, knowing you...Ah ha.

    Truly remarkable.......

    Sadly his photographs aren't very good."

    12th November, 2005

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    KnowWonNose says:

    "Son of Groucho is a delight. A wicked sense of humor abounds. I get a chuckle reading comments left by this fine upstanding gentleman and look forward to future laughs, chortles and giggle fits."

    9th November, 2005

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