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    Kayla Selans Photography says:

    "Everything about Alicat melts my heart. A beautiful mother and a maker of many beautiful things!"

    May 26th, 2008

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    Malinthemiddle says:

    "Parker is smart, sweet, and such a good cook you can gain ten pounds by visiting her site. It is a good thing my computer does not have smell o' vision--the visuals are sweet, sweet torture enough!"

    September 11th, 2007

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    Butterflysnbees says:

    "Alicat is a woman of many talents. She makes me want to start cooking again. Her doggie portraits are what truly melt my heart and I love how she capture the color, energy, and light in simple everyday things. Plus, she has really great skin!! :o)"

    August 15th, 2007

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    Spanish Flea says:

    "Alicat3 inspired me to shoot food, but I'm a clutz in the kitchen. Keep up the great work.

    Spanish Flea"

    May 10th, 2007

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    dirtnapdesigns says:

    "Im pretty sure your responsible for at least 15lbs on me! my girls and i have a great time looking at your recipes and trying them ut. we dont really look at recipes anywhere else...... i will never forget the day of the deepfat fried oreos.....mmmmmmmmmmm"

    April 24th, 2007

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    NannersP says:

    "I gain 3 lbs. everytime I see your Flickr page. Damn you!"

    November 26th, 2006

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    Elevated says:

    "Ahh Ali what else can I say about a girl who combines my two favorite things in her photos - food and Bosons! Man can this woman cook!"

    August 19th, 2006

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    Generation X-Ray says:

    "Alicat3 has an amazing ability to amke even the simplest food look fantastically delicious! Truly a feast for the eyes. Now if the photos were only scratch and sniff. :)"

    May 8th, 2006

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