The images are edited on a special BenQ Monitor, viewing on some monitors (especially with high backlight) will affect the viewing experience of darker images.


My hobby is to create gigapixel pictures of meteorite thin sections and slices. My intention is for people to discover the nature of the objects that are falling to our planet. Most images I post have been focus-stacked with Zerene Stacker or processed with HDR software like Photomatix Pro, if I have modified the original image in any way it will be noted in the description or labelled "annotated". Otherwise, what you see is what you get. The Gigapixel Meteorite Photomicrographs album is where you will find super high resolution pictures of meteorites; each image in it includes a link to the krpano zoom-able panorama viewer. All the gigapixel images are also available at Gigapan


XPL = "Cross Polarized" or "Crossed Nicols"


The content is either a thin section (thin slice of rock material attached to a glass slide with Canada balsam or some kind of epoxy, some specimens are also covered with a glass coverslip) or a surface slice of a meteorite.


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Hallo, ich bin beeindruckt, was du für interessante grafische Bilder herstellst. Sehr vielfältig! Alles Gute H PF

October 3, 2021