"Who am I?
My answer:
I am the sum total of everything that went before me, of all that I have been seen done,
of everything done-to-me.
I am everyone everything
whose being-in-the-world affected
was affected by mine.
I am everything that happens after I've gone
that would not have happened if I had not come....
to understand me you must swallow a world."

Salman Rushdie, From Midnight's Children

I am just a gay guy living in Long Beach, CA with my husband of 16 years and our dog, Sonny.

Photography has been a minor career for me in the past but right now I just enjoy it as a hobby.

I'm busy digitizing all of my old favorite photos and making new art out of them. I'll post each one as soon as I can. but there are a lot of them!

I am an atheist with Buddhist sensibilities. I am also a library clerk and am interested in other people with similar interests, other gays, Buddhists, atheists, other people who like photographing the male form, other library folks and just about anybody else.

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Kyle Smith
November 2005
born in Alabama; grew up in Sterling, Virginia, USA
I am:
Male and Taken
Library Clerk
Bear With Me