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We are Soft Power Education, an NGO and British registered charity working with communities in Uganda to improve the quality of life through education.

Established in 1999, Soft Power Education is based within the Jinja District and Murchison Falls National Park area in Uganda. Our funding comes from overland groups, independent travellers and sponsors from around the world.

Every single penny donated to Soft Power Education goes directly into one of our projects, which includes; the refurbishment of primary schools, the running costs of our two pre-schools, the running of our Amagezi Education Centre, continuing our conservation work in Murchison and buying building materials and paying for our Ugandan builders.

This Flickr page is an opportunity for us to archive all of our projects, both past and present as well documenting other activities involved within the Soft Power community.

If you are interested in either donating to or volunteering with us then please visit our website www.softpowereducation.com for further information on how to do so.

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Soft Power Education
March 2009