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Live life as if it was a one off experience, reflect on your own actions before taking them, treat all as equal and go for it!! Currently unable to walk following a road accident, but recovering slowly. Capture the moment, or it will be gone forever.

Exclusively Nikon! Short overweight photographer with a wish to photograph everything before he dies and no chance of doing it! Currently disabled due to a road traffic accident. I particularly want to show a multicultural view of the world and a togetherness, so any ideas on this will be gratefully received.

[Please note that all of these images are copyrighted and all rights are reserved. No image can be used without my written permission. If you wish to use any of them for any reason, please send me an email first. Thank you.]

(With heartfelt thanks to Prophet 1877 for getting the last paragraph so word perfect I nicked it from her!)

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    ComputerHotline says:

    "Wonderful macroshots.
    Continue it."

    October 17th, 2009

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    pjeastboldre says:

    "Tony is one great photographer; just one look at his photostream and you'll be a fan.
    He also makes the time to encourage us lesser mortals feel good about our photographs with his helpful and sensible comments.
    Tony, you are a star and I'd like to think that, through Flickr that I can count you as a friend!
    Cheers and best wishes,

    March 30th, 2008

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    billnbenj says:

    "What can you say about Tony's pictures ? Whatever the subject,be it birds,landscapes,people,places,night or day,his photos have to be seen to be believed.Not only does he take stunningly beautiful shots,he often adds a narrative which gives you so much more information,which adds value to the picture. His presentation,in a black frame,is the perfect way to display his pictures. I have always tried to improve the quality of my pictures,and studying Tony's approach to his subjects has taught me a lot.

    If you've never looked at Snapperz's photos,you don't know what you're missing. I wholeheartedly recommend that you spend some time taking a look at Tony's pictures,and I guarantee you'll be hooked on them as quickly as I was.

    He's right up there with the best - so take a look for yourself and you won't be disappointed.

    Bill Wakefield aka Billnbenj"

    March 9th, 2008

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    ForeveRed says:

    "Snapperz work is up there with the best i have seen anywhere! He has a very varied and high quality photostream and will provide anyone that views his work with a great source of inspiration and enjoyment."

    January 9th, 2008

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    Black wolf says:

    "when i first saw one of tony's photos i was envious
    it was an insect macro perfectly exposed and composed.
    I checked out the largest size hoping that there would be the slightest blur or shake, no such luck.
    Ok i know that photography is his profession regularly employed or not(should have people banging his door down). But as I have seen over the years working in labs and retouching, being a pro or semi pro does not always mean some one is any good.
    Well after the initial jealousy I perused his stream and found quality and imagination everywhere also honesty and an eye for angles and view points that most would miss.
    and I was hooked I had to make him a contact, and consider myself honoured that he made me one too.
    He is one of the best flickr has and I am no longer envious instead inspired."

    July 22nd, 2007

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    - johngiovanni says:

    "They say on St. Patrick's Day, everyone's a little Irish. Likewise, in Tony's presence, everyone's a bit of a Brit (and the best bit, at that). And I know that Tony, for his part, has got a great measure of the best bit of Yankee American blood in him, too, and with it the impassioned spirit and devotion that would have all men on earth free and peaceful. I'm convinced this love of and devotion to liberty finds its way into every magnificent portrait Tony paints with his camera - and magnificent they are, indeed. Every press of the shutter from Tony is but the culmination of a quantum Big Bang of synaptic firings connecting heart, soul, mind and spirit. From this, one can only expect the photographic magnum opus emerging at the other end to be as routine and certain as the day that follows night. The good Lord gave the world a real treat in Tony, and as surely in the Heaven above shall there be a special gallery set aside for The Man and all his masterful works."

    June 19th, 2007

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    PollyMM says:

    "I have known Snapperz (alias Tony) for a few months on Flickr. I always look forward to his postings as his photos always tell a story. I love to learn more about the art of photography and Tony enables me to do that through his images. Thank you Tony :-)"

    June 17th, 2007

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    thirsty ground says:

    "I love Tony's photos!!! I am a fan!!! It is a pleasure to click on them every day!!! They are worth faving !!!
    Autism Mom"

    May 2nd, 2007

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    khasan says:

    "You obviously love nature: the colors and lines of the world around us ... you do an incredible job of capturing what you see ... keep up the excellent work and I can't wait to see more"

    May 13th, 2007

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