Well,I am completely obsessed with the victorian era, especially photography, And especially tintypes.
I'm an antique dealer so I am forced to keep just my "favourites", but well it's amazing just how many of those I seem to have, sometimes your'e just holding a photo in your hand and you make a connection with the person and they become a friend!
Well, you can`t sell a friend.
So, I find myself buying and selling mostly vintage jewellery which i don't get attached too but it seems loads of women do and this funds my little, or rather big habit.
I am especially drawn to slightly scary or scared looking children and love some of the amazing watercolour backgrounds of mansion gardens or castles that you can almost walk into and become that child and run around in.
I also love the Parisian belle epoque and have a collection of theatre actress postcards and love the photos of Atget they ooze atmosphere.
Other obsessions include faeries, the real ones, not the fluffy pink ones,Victorian faery painters,faerytales, Dickens, Hogarth,Tennyson, Fuseli,Preraphaelites, 19th century America, good old London anytime, but especially pre 1910, images of american civil war soldiers and civilians, Victorian spiritualism, faded grandeur, terraced gardens, cemeteries, antique dolls, jet and anything that i find beautiful and that moves my spirit.
I live and work in Galicia, Spain but am English and also make faery and pixie talismans from ash wood. living in a watermill in the middle of a forest is very inspiring.

I am Happy for any of my old photo images to be used for artwork for private use but would like to be asked first, mainly because I would love to see the result !

Please always ask me first if you intend to use any of my images for profit or public display...thankyou!!

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    Evening* says:


    August 20th, 2012

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    johncurtisrea says:

    "Smokey Lace has quite the collection of endearing images here. Somehow with each breathtaking image she finds, she manages to outdo herself with another that stirs the imagination even more. Thank you for sharing your collection."

    July 18th, 2010

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    lauralemur (life is upsidedown right now) says:

    "Smokey lace has an eye for beauty, but not just the every-day kind - the unusual, the overlooked, the rare, the extraordinary...it's all here in her impressive, enviable collection. She never fails to find something to evoke the emotions and the imagination. It has been a delight to visit her carefully selected collection over and over again."

    May 9th, 2010

smokey lace
November 2009
Maidstone, England
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