So you want to know who I am? too.

But I haven't figured that one out. Not just yet - I am working on it though. I was born in 1962 to a scientist father and a mystically inclined mother. Not sure that can be reconciled in one lifetime so I'm not gonna try.

I'm Scots - Irish, English and probably a little Egyptian. Yeah, I like to drink (or used to anyway till the hangovers stretched into multi-day crippling events) and I "feel" things sometimes that are hard to describe.

Mystic? Oh yeah. But my dad's rationalism weighs in so I don't get sucked too far into the vortex of the irrational. I've learned to draw on this odd background and revel in my quirks and eccentricities. Balance is everything.

I'm not real fond of labels and "isms" like "fundamentalism", "catholicism", "scientism". There are limts to what we can understand and the borders are where I like to be.

I'm not a great photographer but I love the process now that everything is digital. Every once in a while I see something that catches me eye and it ends up looking pretty cool but there are some folks on Flickr with mindbending talent.

Hope you enjoy my pictures and if you want to see some really good stuff check out my contacts. Just be forewarned, I've lost many hours out here....



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May 2005
Charlottesville, VA
I am:
Male and Taken
Internet Refugee - Web Consultant