Skar is an upcoming recording artist from "Rowdoggs Entertainment" that is now taking the U.S by storm, and he is being recognized by many music industry professionals. His amazing talent has landed him placements in several well known independent, local, national, and international magazines as well as internet websites. Skar was born and raised in Inglewood, California where he lived a troublesome lifestyle engaging in criminal activity and dealing with hardships in the streets. Seeing his single mother work two full time jobs made Skar seek a source of income and did what ever he felt he needed to do to feed his family. Skar got influenced with music at the age of 14 which started as a way to escape reality and the problems that came with poverty. In 2006, at the age of 16, Skar was arrested, detained and charged with two counts of attempted murder. The incarceration and possibility of being imprisoned until the age of 24, planted the seed in his head, to become smarter, stay away from jail and find a purpose in life. He was sentenced and then released on probation. Skar violated his probation shortly after his release. In August 2007, while still detained, the judge ruled for Skar to be released under the terms that he move out of state. So Skar was released to his mother in late November 2007, who at the time, lived in Indianapolis, Indiana. Finding it difficult to be accepted in the "Mid-West" allowed Skar to spend more time focusing on his music, but, it also started to bring back some of his old habits. At age 21, after being homeless, and multiple arrests as well as near death experiences due to the gang activity and the drug problem in the "MidWest", he decided to pack his bags and move to Las Vegas, Nevada. Shortly after, he was able to reconnect with his childhood friend OG Rome and super producer Yung City Slicka to pursue a career in the music industry. Thats when all the compliments turned into confidence and he realized that he had a lot of talent and the potential to make revenue through music. On August 25th, 2013 he released his first mix tape "Your Connect", under "Rowdoggs Entertainment", which was later nominated for "Mixtape of the Year" for the "2014 West Coast Hip Hop Awards". Skar's music has also been featured on many popular and independent mix tape series, and Skar's CD has managed to get over 500,000+ online plays via soundcloud, mtv, youtube etc. In 2014, Skar partnered with good friend Space Goat and Grammy award winner Jared L. Gosselin, and co-founded the new internet sensation and world wide licensed radio broadcasting network Oh Snap.FM. Skars music speaks about current events, his life style (past and present) and actually educates as well as motivates people to seek and obtain prosperity!! With originality in every aspect, Skar's music is sure to have you nodding your head and wanting to go get on your grind.

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  • JoinedOctober 2013
  • OccupationRecording Artist/ Song Artist
  • HometownInglewood, California
  • Current cityLas Vegas
  • CountryUnited States


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