I have enjoyed photography throughout my adult life having orginally invested in a Russian Zenith camera and hand held light meter during my time at Brunel University in the mid 1970's. This served me well until it was stolen in 1983 while I was on holiday in Nerja in Spain; my principal regret being that I lost the images from this holiday. I then bought an Olympus OM10 until it expired in 2001 at which point I moved to Canon equipment. I dabbled with colour film printing and set-up my own home darkroom during this period. I finally made the transition to digital photography in December 2004 and was immediately impressed with the image quality offered and the reduction in the cost per image. My fascination has always been the pursuit of interesting images using moderate equipment to the limits of its capability. Photography has been the motivation to visit interesting places and attend photogenic events and performances.

I have retired from full time employment and I am using some of my new found time to explore the facilities provided by FLICKR to catalogue those photographs that I have taken over the years.

My photos are on Flickr for your viewing enjoyment purposes ONLY. Any circus artist, model or athlete featured in these images may download the images of themselves and use them in any way they wish. Should you wish to use my photos for anything else, please get in touch with me via FlickrMail.

I am particularly keen to show the great skill and entertainment provided by circuses touring in the United Kingdom. I express my sincere thanks to those circus proprietors who are generous enough to allow still photography and also to those circus artists that provide such great entertainment. This is one of the most exciting forms of live entertainment to watch and photograph (when permitted) as the artists take calculated risks during every performance and the danger of serious injury or worse is always present. All the circus images have been taken using available light without flash. Flash could easily distract an artist causing a fall and in any event the recycle times associated with flash prevents capturing a true representation of the action and is a nuisance to other members of the audience.

Also included within my portfolio are landscapes from some of the places that I have been fortunate to visit in the United Kingdom and overseas both through holiday and business trips. There are also images of sporting events that I have photographed. These have been predominently athletics meetings as they provide the plenty of opportunity to capture interesting images, but also include the Wimbledon Tennis championships and some rowing events. In 2005, I was fortunate enough to be in Montreal at the time of the World Swimming Championships and spent an enjoyable afternoon photographing the womens springboard competition.

My transition to digital photography made it affordable to experiment with studio photography. I joined the Worksop Photographic Studio and have participated in a number of group shoots organised both at the Studio and on Location. I have also undertaken a number of one to one shoots with a selection of the models registered on the studio books. These shoots have included fashion, glamour and figure work. A sample of these images are openly available within this portfolio. More recently, I have discovered Mansion Photographic Studio in Ripley which hosts regular model days featuring top quality photgraphic models from across the UK.

I intend to continue adding to this FLICKR portfolio, eventually including images that were captured on film prior to the age of digital photography.

Comments are welcome providing that they are respectful to those featured in the images. Inappropriate comments will result in you being blocked.

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