Howdy, I'm Alex S. Leung.
Alex S. Leung

Growing up in Toronto, Ontario (Canada), I didn't have much subjection to photography growing up until high school, when an older friend of mine began letting me borrow his 35mm Canon SLR (EOS 700) to play with. In those early days, I knew little about photography but simply loved capturing still moments of life. Using my parent's 35mm Canon point-and-shoot, I would take so many photos that I had to start purchasing cheaper film & printing them at cheaper development stores! When my friend began lending me his Fuji digital camera (FinePix 6800Z), I began learning to frame my photos better to create more artistic images.

After a long period of nagging my parents, I received my first digital
camera (Sony DSC-P72), I was ecstatic and took it with me wherever I went. I used it on all trips, big and small, and soon enough, bought additional memory to satisfy my trigger-itch. However much I loved taking photos with my old Sony camera, it just wasn't good enough for my advancing photography needs. It didn't have any manual functions: unable to let me change aperture, shutter speed, or ISO. Thus I began looking for the best semi-manual, non-SLR digital camera available.

In the Christmas of 2005, my parents bought me the 7.1mp Canon A620--the highest megapixel point-and-shoot with manual mode camera available at the time. I bought a 2gb SD card for it, and started taking photos unceasingly. In due time, I realized that I needed to care more about the quality of my images instead of just quantity. Thus, I started learning online about how to take better photos by adjusting aperture, shutter speed, and ISO in full-manual mode, and also started learning how to Photoshop my photographs.

I recently started using a Canon SL1. I enjoy taking photos of landscapes & my family having fun.

Most of my new photos are taken with a Canon Rebel SL1, and iPhone 6 Plus / 5 /4S.
I also have used: Canon A620, Fujifilm FinePix 6800Z, Sony DSC-P72, Sony Ericsson S710a
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Alex Leung
December 2005
Toronto, ON
Pleasanton, CA, USA