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You can use any and all of my photos/movies in any way you want. Please just use them. You don't need to ask.


This firefox addon is the easiest way to download the hi quality movies from flickr and youtube.com/usermoreproduct.



so i'm thinking about trophic pyramids, pyramids of life,

how what technology i use reflects the level or scale of my practical day to day habits.


what are the social and group practices of humans of various places in the world now and in the past. assuming some people live stone age style right now. most versions of small tribal living exist now in small pockets of the world, but no old school cities still exists. ie, i can't visit a 18th century big city but maybe i can have a small town 18th century experience. certain peasants, aboriginal peoples, religious or philosophical groups (amish, luddites, etc).

do we trade stories and information through face to face transactions or do we have lots of paperwork, electrons, and more mediating our relationship to the world.

or what is the scale of this group communication system.


What are the stories of how various cultures(current westerners or current amish or current peasant or current amazon tribal, rich vs poor, majority vs minority), historical(pre-columbus, biblical, middle ages, 1800s, east, west, etc), written, movied, web'd incorporate technology. what makes this technology truly useful? and what things might i prohibit? what types of things might i simple ignore?


How does the existance of grammar and recording techologies (our ears, a line in sand, pictures, audio, words, language sounds, our gardens or soil ) and the abiility for that to travel and how i spend my day to day balance of sensory stimulation? how much is sight (which can be recorded?) and smell (which can't be recorded?) shifted because of record keeping technologies that i use.


pictures of celebrities or bank accounts vs the smell of a plant or animal. how easily are these transmittable to others. do i have to be with the person to experience it?


Why keep records? Is there something fundamental about sharing?

Did we make this migration across the continents by keeping secrets? Something about the fact that now we know we can add walls? Carve things in stone? Freeze things?

(slightly awkward interface to a great spatial timeline of humans moving from africa to the rest of the continents over 160,000 years, maybe it's useful or maybe just confuses the point. )



Imagine life as it is? You are a witness no doubt.



providing service to a "greater"?


scalable repeatability? creation of seeds? creation of fertile ground? the scale of the ecosystem i'm choosing to inhabit. my actions feed others. plants eat microbes eat poop.

i was thinking all wonderful nature the other day and then i felt a tick crawling on me and i took it off and crushed it. the tick has no face i can relate too. but sometimes the large machine that might crush me has a face on it. and sometimes that might be my face.


i'm playing music. i'm liking that a lot. taking an african dance class. making hooks from coppiced tree crooks. i make postcards. i like wood and leather and plants and sand and rocks and clay as materials very much.

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