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January 2010
Well, it's time to update this profile, as my old biography states that I "just discovered" Flickr, which isn't true any more.

In common with most here, I love photography. Although only an amateur, like everything I do, I do it with passion.

I’ve enjoyed photography for as long as I can remember, my first camera being a Kodak 'box' film camera.

I am worried that I'm becoming a crazed person. This hobby is taking over all of my time.....
My wife (Sylvia) tells me that photography and 'flickr' are annoying, time wasting and a pain in the ass, especially if we are traveling in the car and I see a photo opportunity that needs investigating more.. Oh! She still loves me anyway!

Natural light photography is by far my favorite way to shoot, even with my passion of creative 'tabletop' captures.
If I can make the ordinary everyday things in life seem a little extraordinary, then I’m happy.

My inspiration comes from my family, friends, life in general, and the amazing photographers I see here on flickr.
Everyone has a story to tell and wants to share and be discovered by others. Flickr is for us!
But, remember, I take pictures to share my life with all of you guys! I'm not here to be graded! So be nice to me!! Ha! ha!

I love images, ideas and words. Inspirational and motivation quotes are collected by me with enthusiasm and I like to add them to my photos if appropriate.

I like to ask questions, acquire wisdom and I love the truth.
I am a free person and move with the cloud, not the crowd.
I don't live up to other peoples opinions of me, I feel good about myself and enjoy all that I have. I'm aware that I'm just a temporary administrator of my life and belongings. Without God I would be nothing.
I would like to love God more today. Love is a decision!

I want to be a true friend for my friends. I love talking to old people...they have the wisdom, staying power and keep my sensibility.

I love being with young people, they have enthusiasm, craze, passion, joy, have whoopee times and live for the moment.. They keep me young!

I love people not for what they have, or age they are, but for who they are. Character, honesty and being a true friend is what I appreciate more in a person.

I'll finish with this: 'All men make mistakes, but married men find out about them sooner'

Stay happy!

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  • رغم الألمْ by Amani Attiah

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    Gale's Photographs says:

    "What a wonderful warm hearted person sirwiseowl (Keith) is.....we have been friends here on flickr for a long while now, it's been wonderful to get to know Keith and his lovely wife Sylvia.....
    I look forward to seeing what Keith has been doing, it could be jogging around his neighbourhood or going for a stroll around Henley Lake.....he always has his camera with him and shows us some wonderful places.
    Keith's photo-stream is made up of some very nice photos, if you want to see what he has to offer take a look and see for yourself.
    He is a wonderful friend to have here, he always leaves such happy cheery comments.
    I'm glad I met you here Keith...."

    May 26th, 2008

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    memyselfeye says:

    "list of reasons to check out this photo stream!

    a) they are true photos with feeling and emotion. he captures happiness, sadness, and anything else you can think of in the click of a button ;)

    b) he's always got a witty remark, in regards to a comment you would make

    c) he's a genuine person, and gives the best comments ever!


    October 13th, 2006

Keith Davenport
September 2005
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