With a smile and a song,

-J. Schwartz

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    Micah G. says:

    "Sir Nadroj is a good builder, I suppose. Personally I think he's just a cheap knock off of Sir Xela. ;-P"

    December 21st, 2010

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    sirxela says:

    "What to say, what to say.......hmmm..........

    Jordan: He does not have a hat and he does not wear glasses...."

    November 30th, 2010

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    ¡Matt! says:

    "Being able to say I haven't meet him in person, I really want to because everyone who has meet him say he is a nice, humble person.

    His LEGO creations are the best I've seen, and hey, maybe if he gets the job as a LEGO designer, maybe I'll end up interning under him."

    November 30th, 2010

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    DammitKarissa says:

    "Are you serious? Jordan got a job at LEGO fresh outta high school? In freakin' Denmark?


    November 28th, 2010

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    Benny Brickster says:

    "Killing baby seals? Now that's a story I havn't heard. But, I feel that I've only known you about six months, and I feel like I am constantly badgering you, but that's just because I look up to you. You are honestly one of the most creative thinkers in the lego community, and you're a lot of fun to talk too (when else do I get to talk to someone who knows almost as much about film scores as I do?). Overall, I probably never would have gone to Brickworld, been motivated to do several projects using new techniques, or even have joined flickr if you hadn't convinced me. So thank you for being there that one day at Legos at Lundhurst. And I also want to thank your brother for putting up with my dull conversation at Brickworld (maybe I spent too much time critiqueing other people's MOCs).
    To Jordan"

    October 2nd, 2010

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    SHARPSPEED says:

    "Sir Nadroj isn't made of bones and skin like most human beings. He's made of the pure win."

    May 8th, 2010

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    V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber says:

    "Looking beyond his building ability, I have found Jordan to be a gentleman of great character and integrity. If only there were a 2nd Jordan ( kinda like a twin brother )"

    February 15th, 2010

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    Eleven-Thirty-Eight says:

    "Sir Nadroj always comes up with new, creative, and awesome ways to use the weirdest and most unusual parts!"

    December 10th, 2009

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    SJ Commander - SPW / J-Tac / TPI says:

    "Builds weird, yet awesome stuff. Sometimes a little more weird, sometimes a lot more weird, but it's always awesome! ;-)

    The only thing about him I'm not really liking, is his taxidermy hobby. But I can easily ignore that, because the rest is so freakin' awesome!

    Keep building, Jordan!"

    August 25th, 2009

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    The Big Rafalski says:

    "A good builder and a fair and honest person."

    July 9th, 2009

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    Morgan190 says:

    "What hasn't been said already? You can always count on Jordan to use the newest pieces in fun ways, with both minifigs and brick builds. He's definitely got a huge imagination to pull from, that's for sure."

    May 29th, 2009

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    Arawos says:

    "My favorite builder. Builds creations almost every day, and they are all great :D"

    February 1st, 2009

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    Computerbug says:

    "Sir nadroj is the best Lego builder I have ever seen in my life hands down he inspired me to become a lego builder. He is an amazing person I mean he is a great photographer he uploads them on like 4 different sites and he does this even though he has to go to school! I am suprised he has time to sleep! You are one great person Sir and you are not overrated at all the first the thing I would do if I became a designer for Lego would be to recommend you!"

    February 17th, 2009

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    standing parcel says:

    ""Sir Nadroj is one of my favorite builders" quoted from various other people. At the end of the day i go on Flickr and check out what my contacts have posted, and everyday (or all most) Sir Nadroj puts up new stuff. I save his stuff for the last because I always enjoy gazing at his creativity."

    February 19th, 2009

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    Stefan Schindler says:

    "Jordan is a Genious."

    March 27th, 2009

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    spiffy floor says:

    "I can put it down like this:

    This kid is freaking awesome."

    April 8th, 2009

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    decisive frog says:

    "Probaly one of the best lego builders on flickr. His minifigs are terrific and jordan makes very cool buildings. An inspiration to lego kind."

    April 18th, 2009

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    Lino M says:

    "Jordan is one of those rare Lego guys that can intimidate the hell out of even the most elite of top builders. In a Lego world of spaceships and battle mechs, its refreshing to see he draws inspiration from history, obscure happenings and exotic places. Plus he's a Rhode Island native so that's wicked pissa!"

    April 18th, 2009

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    highfalutin curtain says:

    "Mr.Nadroj is one of the best builders I know off. He continues to come up with new ideas for even the most useless parts. For him it is all for fun, But for us it is a courtesy. Really I believe that Jordan should receive some kind of prize. Mabye for having one of the largeest photostreams on flickr. He thinks up these ideas that no one, not even the lego company themselves would. That is why."

    November 24th, 2008

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    [Blasto] says:

    "Jordan is the best LEGO builder i know. He uses amazing and original techniques and he ads his own awesome twists to all his MOCs. He is an inspirational builder and is truly talented in the art of LEGO."

    October 15th, 2008

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    Gusalagupagoo says:

    "Wow, Jordan builds a new MOC everyday and ends up making better stuff than me and I take like five times longer!"

    September 28th, 2008

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    Capt. Lego-boy says:

    "One sentence can describe him. A damn good builder."

    September 22nd, 2008

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    burly wrench says:

    "Sir Nadroj is a pretty damn cool guy. You'v got to see his MOC's and custom gear. Once you start looking at the first few, you are pretty much likely to wan't to see the rest so beware. Also he's very friendly (only to LEGO fans I understand) ;).

    September 5th, 2008

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    Gabbey Road J-Walker says:

    "Dang! This guy's only 16-17?
    But anyway, from his mosaics to his Joker, and even to his parrot sidekick, Sir Nadroj is all around win. And even better It's made in the USA!"

    August 30th, 2008

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    Waffles [Darth_Legois] says:

    "Sir Nadroj is a one of a kind builder

    His work is awe inspiring, he is definatly the future of Lego Building he is very creative, Good Luck with the rest of your building life.

    the brick is strong with this one!

    Im glad & privilaged to know him"

    August 23rd, 2008

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    Adrian Castillo Photography says:

    "Woo! Happy Birfday Jordan. Now you are 6, and I is still 4. *SAD FACE!*

    Great builder, great guy, and has the maturity level and photo skills of a 23 year old Proffesional Photographer AFOL."

    August 13th, 2008

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    instinctive quill says:

    "So much talent and maturity for such a young man.....
    A builder to watch for years to come....
    Is he the future Ley Ward??

    July 29th, 2008

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    plain sink says:

    "Sir Nadroj is a great guy and a great builder. I loved his 'Center of the Earth' story. Take the time to get to know him. You won't regret it ;)"

    July 15th, 2008

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    blue shade says:

    "When I first stumbled upon sirnadroj's photostream, I was instantly absorbed into his incredible work. From Fabuland to Iron Man, sirnadroj is an excellent, kind builder who I am very pleased to have as a contact. Nadroj, you're my Lego Hero. :D"

    July 13th, 2008

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    polkergeist says:

    "Dude builds every theme awesomely."

    May 24th, 2008

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    11numb says:

    "sirnadroj is an interesting type of builder; I don't believe I've seen a single theme he hasn't dabbled in in some form or another. Be it Iron Man or Spitting Llamas, sirnadroj has you covered. He's also one of the most friendly builders I know, replying to every comment made on his pictures."

    May 17th, 2008

Jordan Schwartz
October 2007
Providence, Rhode Island
I am:
sirnadroj [at] yahoo.com