Parallel to an international law career in Germany, Switzerland and the United States, Dr. Peter Fritz Walter (Pierre) focused upon fine art, cookery, astrology, musical performance, social sciences and humanities.

From adolescence, Pierre wrote essays and received a high school award for creative writing and editorial work for the school magazine. Upon finalizing his international law doctorate, he privately studied psychology and psychoanalysis and started writing both fiction and nonfiction books.

In 1996, Pierre started his main career as a corporate trainer and personal coach. He trained the management staff of 5-star hotels in Java, Lombok, and Bali, Indonesia, as well as an elite unit of the Indonesian government (Lembaga Administrasi Negara), which trains all civil servants in Indonesia.

From 2000 to 2001, Pierre built a villa property in Seminyak, Bali (Dua Bunga) which he managed until he sold it in 2002. Likewise, from January 2011, Pierre managed two real estate companies in Pattaya, Thailand, until he sold his pool villas in 2014.

In 2015, Pierre extended his consulting business in the private sector, both online with self-improvement media content bundled in a subscription, and locally with presentations about the unlimited scope of our human potential, and the spiritual teaching of the late Dr. Joseph Murphy.

Pierre is a German-French bilingual native speaker and masters English as his 4th language after German, Latin and French. He also reads source literature for his research works in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch. In addition, Pierre has notions of Thai, Khmer, Chinese and Japanese.

All of Pierre’s books are hand-crafted and self-published, designed by the author. Pierre publishes via his Delaware company, Sirius-C Media Galaxy LLC, and under the imprints of IPUBLICA and SCM (Sirius-C Media).

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Peter Fritz Walter
May 2008
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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