I am a happy guy. Life has taught me a lot and that gives me a real lust for it. The detail around me really fascinates me and I am very adaptable, as a result of paying attention to it. I love the way a Rotring pen writes, or how the section through the art deco pool I swim in gives it such a distinct character. I enjoy things like how food is served, the difference eating with chopsticks makes and people on public transport. I study the buildings, people and things around me, and am very aware. I enjoy yoga as it can give such clarity and helps focus on what’s important in life. I love how the touch of skin or a smile can fill me with joy. I don’t like watching football or any sport. I love the community I am living in at the moment and find London up lifting, with all its different people and special ever changing places to explore. I like stumbling upon little gems and having different experiences where ever I go. I like talking to people and have started talking to the peole around me in London. Love the interesting little moments of their lives you can catch.My weakness is the written page, I am rubbish, but the animated me is very creative and generally warmly received.

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Nik Nelberg
September 2006
London, England
I am:
Male and Taken
Project Manager