I am basically a simple woman who is now a full time crafter, full time daughter (all time), and part-time domestic helper (during the housework days).

Currently, I am also a part-time student studying psychology, and continually learning to overcome the challenges that come with Asperger's Syndrome.

Let me dig into my mind now to see what else can I tell you about myself, if you want to know, that is.

I was actually trained in vast areas.. I was trained in professional secretarial; business management, majoring in human resources management; shipping certification; professional supervisory in retail; Japanese conversational skills; counseling… oh well, all these are not so important now, because I am now doing what I am not professionally trained to do - crafting!

This work I am doing (crafting) is the most ideal job for me (how strange! We search high and low for many years, and finally we found something best suited for ourselves which we are never trained for), since I get to work from home.

Practically almost every thing I am doing online is self-taught, so I may not aced at any of them, but I am constantly upgrading myself with the new skills, and I am certain I have a long long way to go just yet.

I am probably non-conforming, unconventional at times, obstinate most of the times, argumentative, strong-willed, cry baby. I am not sure, maybe I am simply temperamental, so this, is subject to change too.

At present, I am obsessed with amigurumi designing work, blogging, watch Chuck, House, Ghost Whisperer, CSI (all series), and newly found Japanese anime cartoon series (which has no ending as yet!!!). All these, are however subject to change, without prior notice. You know how life is, it’s dynamic and who knows what may come up next?

Lastly, I am living my days in contentment, doing what I love doing, and hope to continue this lifestyle and attitude for as long as I could.

Simple Arts Planet
… handcrafting everyday joy

I created several blogs:
+ website,
+ saplanet craft blog,
+ pony and meow story
+ my blabbers
+ facebook page

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    Starry Designs says:

    "What can I say? Lis is one of my besties and is always a delight to talk to. She's always there when you need a helping hand and listening ear. She is also one crazy talented lady. Look at the number of ami patterns she spits out! OMG! You are really silly if you don't purchase at least 5 patterns from her. :p BUY BUY BUY!"

    August 31st, 2008

Lis Sun
January 2007
Singapore, Singapore
I am:
Female and Single
Toy designer, student