Insect macro photographers are a dime a dozen, and I'm just another one.....
Only I'm way worse at identifying my subjects, I have the books, but not the patience some times.

I love you guys.

To the people I follow on flickr. You guys/girls are the best, and that's why I follow you. Amazing work, and an inspiration for me to get better at what I love. Thanks!

I love shooting macro photos, and nature photos in general. I really like to shoot insects and animals, but I've been known to shoot just about anything.

Grew up using Canon cameras, AE-1 Program, A1, G12, 60D and now a 7D MKII.
Have shot everything from the above, to Kodak Vest Pocket cameras, Graflex Crown Graphics....4x5's and 2x3's, An old Kodak Panoramic, and other assorted 620, and 120 roll film cameras. After all of this, and years looking through the back of a camera, I still consider myself an amateur photographer, a hobbyist, a beginner. I learn something every time I go out.

I've never really shot photos, or subjects that most people think of as normal. :-) I like to take photos of moments you don't normally see, or walk right by and don't notice. I like to get down in the bushes and weeds and show people a little glimpse of what they're missing out on seeing by rushing through their day.

All of my nature photos, insects and animals I license under a Creative Commons license with attribution. My hope is that if you need an image of an insect or critter for an article, a class, a book, a website, an album cover, etc. You can freely use it without worry. I won't sue! It's my small way of giving back. I have fun chasing the critters, and you can have fun using the images. I appreciate messages telling me where you used my images, but it's not necessary, it's just fun for me to see where they're used.

I told my Mother this today while I was visiting and photographing insects in her garden.
"It's very frustrating spending hours looking at bushes and flowers and not seeing any insects to photograph, while I know perfectly well that there were probably hundreds of little eyes looking back at me wondering what I was looking for." Insects are not always easy to spot! :-)

August 11th 2018 - Uploaded my 700th Insect/Spider photo to Flickr. All licensed under the (CC) Creative Commons Attribution License. FYI. My "Fur, Feathers and Scales" images are also licensed under the (CC) Creative Commons Attribution License.

I'm now working on 1000 insect images uploaded to Flickr under an (Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)) license. Share, transform, remix, adapt!!! Working hard, hunting down more SoCal insects for you to use in your classrooms, and teachings. Wish me luck.

One thing I'll mention, although I don't know if this makes me a horrible photographer or just an honest one. For every photo I upload to my Flickr page, I've probably taken ten, and uploaded the single best one out of ten. I'm not taking snapshots, I'm hopefully taking photos people can use for something along the way.. Hopefully I'm not prolific, but more proficient.

Have Fun!

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April 2009
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