The shroompers were created by Charlotte Kolff and Damon Langlois while on vacation off the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. There, in the forests of Sooke, with a sketch pad, felt, and a baby on the way, we started sketching mushroom character ideas. With Charlotte’s expert doll making talents and Damon’s design and drawing skills the shroompers were born. Our son was born soon after.


Shroomper dolls are 2.5 inch tall, waldorf inspired, mushroom characters. Kids love them and the story behind them. The Shroompers are not just for children. They are also tiny art dolls that you can display as cute little house or office gnomes. everyone can use cute therapy at work!


Shroompers are safe and well made. They are 100% hand sewn using cotton thread, 100% wool felt and100% wool filling. Some details are glued on with non-toxic glue. They have a recycled piece of cardboard on the inside of their base that helps them stand up better. Each doll is hand crafted so no two are alike.


Shroompers are lonely by themselves so collect them all!


“Shroompers” and the “Shroomper” brand are trademark Charlotte Kolff and Damon Langlois. All content and images are Copyright 2011 Charlotte Kolff and Damon Langlois.

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