I am very interested in local and regional history and its preservation. I also have an interest in how communities developed over time - learning why some communities eventually faded away while others continued to grow. I have a particular focus on Porter County, Indiana, where I was born and raised, and north central Idaho, where I have lived for nearly the past 25 years. A very large number of the images I have posted on my Flickr account include historical narrative. I am always interested in comments contributing more historical information and context to these images, so please add comments!


All the images that appear on my Flickr account are physical items that I personally own in my private collection and have been scanned or photographed by me for sharing on this platform. There are no images in my collection that have been appropriated from elsewhere on the Internet. The vast majority of items I have posted to Flickr are scanned pre-1920 postcards, pamphlets, catalogs, and other ephemera, as well as large letter postcards from the 1930s to the very early 1960s, collected over a thirty year time span. I have conducted extensive research for many images and include historical information as text in the images' descriptions. Please email [address below] me if you believe any image I've posted is in violation of copyright law and I will promptly remove it. All text, including cataloging and historical information, associated with each image is protected under copyright.


Images in my collection have appeared in numerous magazines, including Chicago, Inc., Redbook, Smithsonian, Indianapolis Monthly and Vanity Fair, television series - including the Travel Channel's series Mysteries at the Museum (segment on Belle Gunness; Season 2, Episode 6) and the History Channel's series Life After People (segment on Chicago and Gary, Indiana; Season 1, Episode 2), documentaries such as Everglades of the North: The Story of the Grand Kankakee Marsh, and many books. A large number of my postcard images appear in local Porter County restaurants and coffee shops, as well as national chains such as Starbucks and Applebees.


Feel free to contact me at stevenrshook@gmail.com if you would like to seek permission to use any images in my collections. It is very likely that I may be able to provide you with a higher resolution image than what I have posted here on Flickr at no cost. Note that I will not reply to any email messages sent to my place of employment; please only use the gmail address provided above to contact me.



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Awesome collection of some very cool and historical postcards! Thank you for sharing!

February 22, 2020

Great collection - fascinating!

May 30, 2018