Thanks for reading my profile. I hope everyone who visits my site will, like I check the profiles of everyone who responds to any of my photos.

Hey, although most of you do, could everyone else also please follow the flickr Terms Of Service / Community Guidelines parts about moderating your pornography as "Restricted" if you post it? I like to be kind and reciprocate when someone compliments or favorites any of my photos. But it is too hard to do that if when I get to your site I just see closeup penises, female privates, sex acts and so on despite my SafeSearch filter being on.

Thank you to the kind people who have invited my photos to your groups (and my other kind viewers). But please don't invite them to "18+" style groups or groups that allow Moderate or Restricted level photos. I explain below. I know this site contains several Moderate level photos. I am no longer putting photos like that into any groups. I'd rather my profile start with the following paragraph, but most of the group invitations I get are still for groups that, although they may contain many photos I like, also contain photos too explicit for my photos' association.

Hello, this is shiroibasketshoes. Or ShIroi for short. It is Japanese for "white." It is different from the Japanese name Shiro. You can tell from my site that I like Japan. My flickr name also comes from the first single song by the Japanese pop singer MIyoko Yoshimoto, about someone who wore white basketball shoes. I also chose the "shiroi" because of the first video collection by one of my favorite recent Japanese pop singers Junna Morishita, which was called "Pure White..." The color white has a symbolism of pureness, and with the world being as harsh as it is sometimes, it is particularly important to me to try to retain elements of that and to be a peaceful person.

I also like the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, and other Asian countries. Also European countries. Also various ways. Other countries, too. The amount of emphasis on Japan in this site is largely because I became very attracted to that country through vacations and activities there, the culture and nice people.

All of my photos on this site were taken by me if I am not in the photo. If I am in the photo, a friend or relative took it.

Most of my photos use no retouching, airbrushing, Photoshop or any other similar procedures. It is only recently that I have in some cases done some computer experimenting with exposure and gamma afterwards at home, to affect the lighting. I never alter the actual content except for cropping some of them.

I am not a professional photographer. I do not consider myself to be at the level of talent a professional photographer should have, either. If that sounds too modest for me to say, maybe you are one of the very nice people who complimented me on my photos. Thank you very much. If you enjoy the photos of particular singers, actresses and/or models on my site, I want you to know that in various cases, there are other photos of them elsewhere that I am sure you would enjoy as much or more. Those photos may be found elsewhere on the internet, in photobooks (called shashinshuu in Japan), or just in the collections of other fans in Japan who have also photographed the entertainers on my web site.

I suppose the way my writing for the photos on this site became so oriented around conversations with my rabbit Hopper, might make people think I am lighthearted and trying to make jokes often. Actually, I can be a very serious person. Whimsical things I write here are partly because of dealing with some difficult things in my life, trying to get my mind into more cheerful places, and trying to cheer up my nice viewers.

Some Flickr people are really artistic and have nature photographs, lots of their friends and really creative stuff on their sites. I admire all those kinds of web pages very much, too. But I think I have some things to learn when it comes to intricacies like lighting and artistic concepts. Although I also incorporate some of my ideas and the models' ideas. My choices for gallery photos taken by other flickr photographers show the variety of other kinds of people, nature aspects and so on that I think make good photo subjects when shot in those ways.

As for my own photos, please don't use them in your own sites without my permission. I want them to be viewer friendly, so feel free to enable all sizes and enjoy, even download them if you want to, but keep them to yourselves unless I've OKed them after you have asked me first about any other uses you may desire.

Some of my photos may seem similar, but I make sure none are exactly the same. Not all my photos are in ideal nor chronological order regarding the main upload pages. Nor in the sets, though things are in a bit more chronological order in that aspect, which I hope to improve. They are better than random anyway. :-P

All of the photos of entertainers on my site that do not include me in them, and some which do, and some other recent ones too, were taken with my Olympus Mju Zoom 130 camera or my more recent Canon Digital Rebel XT camera.

Since I love rabbits, I take one of them, Hopper, to Japan and many other places with me. I am glad he makes people happier, so I like to photograph him with them at that time. I am attracted to many cute things, and not just of the human female variety. To me it is a good balance from life's serious things. I hope you enjoy the adventures and arguments, I mean conversations, my bunny Hopper has with me as transcribed in this site. I can't call him a toy bunny, or a prop, as he gets annoyed, and warns me that he'll tell other people that I'm so silly I think rabbits can talk. ;-)

I have avoided including identifiable faces of fans on my site, except for fans I have gotten permission from to do that. If you are, or if you represent, any of the entertainer people in my sets of photos, and if I have not managed to ask you already if it is OK for my photos of you to be on my flickr site, and if you do not want these photos of mine to be on my site where everyone could see them, please tell me and I will remove them. As all the photos are my own, I am not the type of person who would feel right about posting a collection of other people's photos publicly on my site, collected from around the internet.

I get asked a lot if I live in Japan. No, I have never lived in Japan. I have always lived in California.

Flickr can be addicting, and as many of you do, I have a busy life away from flickr as well. For reasons like this, I regret I don't have time to be as active in joining and contributing to groups as I'd like to be. So if I don't join your group you invite me to, please don't take it as a personal snub of any sort. I am glad to know of any questions anyone has for me. One more thing about groups: I decided to avoid groups that require one to comment on, award or favorite other photos. The reason for this is more than my being busy: Although I enjoy complimenting others and feel other people's photos deserve praise, I would like all the compliments I give and receive to be completely voluntary, with no feeling of obligation. This is related to how I never invite people to join my groups; I only invite photos. I want anyone who joins my groups or compliments my photos to do it out of genuine desire to do so....and thanks very much to all who do. If you feel no desire to, that is fine, too, of course.

My interest in modeling type photos runs mostly from the cute to the sensual. To me, "sexy" means subtlety. I am not a fan of pornography; in fact, I hesitate to even say the word in this profile. Many times I am made a flickr friend and/or family by people who never give me any feedback on my photos, but that is fine with me in general. When someone makes me a contact, friend or family, I first check their profile, as I do when someone new comments on a photo of mine. If their groups or profile information are related to explicit sex or porn, I am less inclined to check their photos, as I am afraid it would be explicit content I would not want to see. I am glad to see more subtle beauty content, as well as of course content about people in general, animals, nature, life and so on. If when I go to check a photostream, it says it goes past my SafeSearch filter, I am not inclined to click past it if I don't know the person and if I don't know there is no porn beyond it. Anyone else, I am glad to check their photos.

I am not making an ethical judgment against any photographer who puts moderated artistic nudity on their flickr site, and some of those photographers I enjoy seeing other work they have done. I am also not making any judgment against models who sometimes do nude shots, as it is their business; I just hope it is something they genuinely wanted to do, if they do it.

I am glad that most people I encounter on flickr have wholesomeness, classiness and kindness in their personalities, whether or not they look much at photos of attractive women on flickr sites.

As I am not fluent enough in Japanese to be able to have lengthy and many detailed conversations with my non fluent English speaking models regarding my uses of their photos, anytime I am not sure, I lean on the side of caution. I ask them if I can post their photos on my flickr site, they usually say yes about all or most of them, and I follow their wishes. As there are such a variety of flickr groups regarding topics and degrees of maintenance, I do my best to not contribute my model photos to groups that contain anything too explicit in terms of nudity or most personal areas showing. Or groups with explicit or graphic names that contain many voyeuristic closeup type of photos or photos more blatant and body part focused than the models I photograph generally pose for. I am grateful for the kind invitations I have gotten to contribute photos of mine to various groups. However, I would prefer to only do so if the group's description says words to the effect of: explicit nudity and pornography are not allowed in the group (and if it does not have traits I described above.) Or if the group is about cosplay, articles of clothing, nature or some other topic that would indicate it would not include the kind of explicit content I am trying to avoid. I no longer contribute to groups that allow restricted level photos, as even if the groups don't contain porn style material now, with that setting they could eventually, and I don't have time or comfort level to keep monitoring all my groups in that regard. I regret that some foreign people might not understand the English of this. One person changed her group to not allow Restricted level photos, but there was still some explicit content there, so I needed to politely decline again. Another saddening thing was how one day someone invited 20 of my photos to a dresses related group which seemed fine in content and even stated "no porn" in the group description...but that group still allows restricted level photos, and the inviter (whose site has some explicit content) does not indicate he knows fluent English...but I sent him an email to try to explain anyway. So this can get kind of complicated. I don't want anyone to misunderstand and have hurt feelings.

My flickr sites do not feature what is commonly known as "street photography." I refer to spontaneous shots of strangers going about their business, taken without prior introduction. That is because I do not feel it is right to photograph strangers without their permission, neither totally sneakily, nor if the photographers think they are out in the open. I think it is particularly wrong if those non-permissiob photos were to end up online, as the females may not wish for that. Some people related to them may feel the same, and I think some may even lose jobs over it, if an employer rule is that they should not allow themselves to be photographed on the street. For example, I think some Asian cosplay women who hand out items to the public are instructed to not let themselves be photographed. I know some street photographers rationalize that it is capturing a genuine candid moment that otherwise would be lost forever. But attractive candid moments are happening constantly all around us. There is no way to see anywhere close to them all anyway. I know that many street photographers say that if the females photographed want their photos removed, that the account holders will obey that. But I think it is unlikely that strangers will be aware of the site to see those words. As I sympathize more and more with how females' images are used online in ways they do not wish, or may not wish. it has become too emotionally difficult for me to surf through sites that are largely these kind of candid photos taken without permission. When people comment on my photos, I try to reply to every one of them, and to visit their sites too, unless they have prominent unfiltered porn. But even about nice flickr contacts and friends, I wish to communicate that I am sorry, I'll probably be at least basically avoiding the photos portions of your sites, due to my empathy with these females, if those flickr people have largely the unawareand non-permission type of "street photography" on their sites. I have noticed that many of these photographers do not give out their real names online. I hope that means that if they read this, they will be more likely to understand how their wish for online privacy in some area(s) of their lives is similar to some other people in various ways, too. I do not wish to single out any particular street photographers publicly with criticism, just to express how I feel here, and I hope people understand; thank you. If anyone reading this is thinking, 'Well I photograph people on the street sometimes, but only after I meet and greet them and get their permission to take and post the shots," of course I think what those people are doing is fine. I don't want to be unfairly judgmental of anyone, or to make anyone feel bad.

To anyone who photographs females on the street without their permission, to post online, I ask you to consider: if those females were asked, "Would you like to have, or to not have, the choice of whether or not a male stranger photographs you without your permission, and then posts those photos of you online," how many of those females do you think would reply, "I'd rather not have that choice. I don't want my permission to be asked."? You know the answer as well as I do, even if you won't admit it. Not a single one.

I have rarely blocked people during my years on flickr, but now I am at the point where if someone makes me a friend but then I see their site has lots of unmoderated porn and unclassy explicit stuff (and anyone who has read my profile should know I don't want to see that), I'll block that person. I don't think those people truly view me as friends; they just want to show off their raunch and/or to have a convenient link to my model photos on this site. Anyone anonymous who posts just spam links under photos will probably be blocked, definitely if the links are to porn. I hope everyone who sees my photos will think of them respectfully, as fortunately I think most do. I respect those type of kind people back, too.

Thank you very much to everyone who has visited and enjoyed my site, and who has commented on or favorited my pictures. I am also interested in constructive criticism about any aspect of my photos, if you have any. If you have something that you want to ask me or to comment, but if it is too personal or general to put it under a photo or a set description, or some other reason, you can send me FlickrMail or you can e-mail me at or

Thanks very much to 117ps, Johnny Neko, the family cat, End of Level Boss, tiffy_chum, Cosabella, PDsparkle, ossie hermosisima, loenahimawariko, Nat, Ed_X, Asian Infatuation, destiny-mae Tara, Kawaii-chan, Kawaii, the pipeople, Kamoteus, I Travel East, Ella, tirong, Thai Namtip, edin1986, Jean Marie Rosales, A. George, Siu and randysvsj, Snapies, justcrisp, eyefun, Janna, Bianca, Mikiru, LingLing, Steve, Bambie, Corbin, Chris and Japii TeNshii for the testimonials!

I have a second flickr site, emotiroi auranaut , which contains some photos from this site, mostly in its early areas, but often with different crops and different lighting, plus different titles and captions. Plus now its most recently posted photos are shots exclusive to it.

I am a very sensitive, confessional type person actually, so maybe it is ironic that both of these sites' titles and captions are largely creative writing styles, often humorous or attempting to be philosophical, instead of more personal. Although now I have featured a lot about my mother. And there is some confessional material in some of my replies to viewers. My viewers mean a lot to me and I enjoy replying to all of you who comment. :-)

I am quite a lover of the world around me, meaning nonhuman as well as human animals, plus the environment. I used to work in radio and TV, now I work in a music store.

When flickr began the feature of galleries, I was somewhat bewildered, and didn't expect I'd be involved with making them. Then I began to do so as an a extention of comments I'd make, as the format flickr set up for it clearly credits the source. Some things I put in galleries are quite different from my own photostreams. Some represent things I associate with in my life, some do not. Some people may wonder "why would Shiroi gallery such a thing?" The reasons can be complicated, but I endeavor to celebrate diversity in life and to not be overjudgmental. I don't think if someone does things I don't do or that I don't relate to, that makes them overall a bad person. I try to see both sides of s story (not to imply there are always as few as two sides!) I welcome questions if you have any.
If I think of gallerying an image, I first check if the owner enables downloads of their images. If they do not, I do not gallery the photo even if there is a gallery option. I do not want to risk putting someone's work where they might prefer it to not be, nor increasing its circulation beyond where the owner might want it.
Sometimes I notice what I know are fewer photos in a gallery than were there before. Maybe the person became no longer active on flickr, Maybe they did not like how I galleried a photo and blocked me. I am not sure of the reason, and generally I don't remember the exact photos that disappeared anymore or where they came from, so I can't apologize. When I notice someone has blocked me, I am generally perplexed, as I try to be kind to everyone. I then sometimes wonder if I should send a one time brief note of apology to them through my other flickr site. So far I think I never have, due to being busy and my worry that doing even that through my other site might be against their wishes. If I have galleried one of your photos, please notify me and I'll definitely remove it. I hope my galleries and my own photography help make others happy anyway.

I am a big fan of Japanese music, especially pop, as you may have guessed. My favorite member of AKB48 is Minami Minegishi. The big tragedy of these talented singing groups with cute and pretty members is that their management forbids members to have boyfriends. That disrespects their private lives.

I am grateful and honored to have been interviewed and featured on this page of

Whoops, that page and others got taken down due to that site's remodeling...but the musical clip he assembled with some of my flickr photos is still here...

Hey, thanks to all those who have viewed my galleries, too! As of August 27, 2017, these are my Top Ten most viewed galleries:

#1: feet will be feet (4,069 views)
#2: a kiss communicating love (3,491 views)
#3: happy self-confidence (2,465 views)
#4: can you blow a bubble? (2,343 views)
#5: black is still beautiful (1,793 views)
#6: playful romance (1,722 views)
#7: black is beautiful (1,623 views)
#8: delightful braces smiles (1,523 views)
#9: enjoying life (1,441 views)
#10: this hug means love (1,241 views)

Remember, make bunny ears in public and you will be happy! :-)

The photos below in "Photos Of Bob" are not all of me. I don't understand this feature. I don't know how to fix it.

Best wishes to all of you nice people. -Shiroi

Photos of shiroibasketshoes hopper (5)

  • I´m a crazy girl. by RebeccaSweet
  • Caracol*-* by RebeccaSweet
  • Flor by RebeccaSweet
  • Monique (my uncropped edit) by shallowend
  • Kiong Hee Huat Tsai! 새해복 많이 받으세요! by anikanika
  • Thanks for being my inspiration by sinistermoon

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    GrumplyWiseBear sweety jen jen bear says:

    "wow i love your pix its just into now start enjoy them more great job i like way have much love asia like i do japan and philippines many sweet spot there fareast and south east asia to nice see you and mother and hopper and lovely lady big thumbs MrSha Yeah buddy be easy be blessed"

    December 6th, 2011

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    •*¨*•.ღJapii TeNshI•*¨*•.ღ says:

    "Shiroi is kind and sweet person who share gift for everyone! he is one of my favorite photographer on flickr :)"

    February 28th, 2011

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    Chris_A_G_1976 says:

    "ShIroi is one of my favorite contacts because, first off, he is a very very nice guy! When he comments, you feel that it is a GOOD comment and that he really appreciates your work! He also shows that he really appreciates YOUR comments on his stream as well!

    Secondly there are two things me and ShIroi have in common! We both love photography, and we both love Asian women! You can spend soooooooo much time looking through his stream because he has so many lovely Asian models who seem to have no trouble smiling in all of his photos! I am sure they all really enjoy and adore working with ShIroi as models. I tend to spend a lot of time looking through his stream too because there is so much to see and I can tell he is very very good at what he does!

    ShIroi, thank you for being the flickr friend that you are, and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work which impresses me as the days go by! I always look forward to seeing new pieces and new models!!


    August 15th, 2010

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    ßrianø says:

    "Bob has such a unique and entertaining style both visually and by the written word. It's a pleasure to come visit his photo stream to see what's new, I'm never disappointed. Thanks Bob and keep up the excellent work!"

    December 28th, 2009

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    CTD Imaging says:

    "I first became aware of Bob through his comments on Hengbok Nikita's Photos. He always has a nice comment to share and is an accomplished photographer himself. I always look forward to seeing what he posts in his stream."

    October 6th, 2009

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    ♥ BAMBIE ♥ says:

    "Shiroi is kind and sweet person who share gift for everyone! he help me enjoy flickr web site for all it worth! thank you Shiroi!"

    September 16th, 2009

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    steve_steady64 says:

    "There's only one person like Shiroibasketshoes: the mighty "one and only" Shiroibasketshoes!
    Bob is unique, no doubts about it: whenever i watch his pictures I use to think about "Alice in Wonderland"!
    Just... no wonder if one day someone will discover that the real "Mind behind Bob" is... Hopper!!! :-)
    Go on like this Shiroi: I hope you will share your fantastic world on flickr for years and years!"

    September 14th, 2009

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    LyLyn says:

    "Bob-Shiroi can be sweet like a child, sincere like an old friend and kind as few other people!
    His pictures showing his lovely personality with innocence and imagination!
    A big hug to you and Hopper!"

    September 14th, 2009

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    Miki Holst says:

    "hi bob!

    thank you for the testimonial!!! :)
    bob is a very nice guy and a good photographer here in flickr!
    hope to work with you guys in the future!


    September 10th, 2009

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    ... I WAS ............
    .......... HERE .......

    August 23rd, 2009

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    Janna Ilano says:

    "One of the nicest guys I've known in Flickr."

    June 3rd, 2009

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    eyefun says:

    ""shiroibasketshoes hopper" ' s work transcends cultural perceptions and interpret some of our world in a happy and light way. One can tall a good heart from his work. We are lucky to have "shiroibasketshoes hopper"."

    April 19th, 2009

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    justcrisp says:

    "An outstanding American gentleman."

    April 13th, 2009

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    _snapies_ says:

    "best guy in flickrland i've ever known!"

    March 27th, 2009

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    RandySV says:

    "Your pictures inspire.....

    Your kindness / generousity are rare for a busy professional...and greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for spreading kindness to the world."

    February 3rd, 2009

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    # siu # says:

    ""fantastic at conveying his emotions, light, texture, capturing them to share with us. pull up a chair, sit back and stay awhile, you won't regret it!""

    January 26th, 2009

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    Lonersquare says:

    "I enjoy the photos, style, and the vibe that you have here. I hope you continue to do your thing, and get whatever you want out of life. Be safe and happy...."

    January 17th, 2009

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    edin1986 says:

    "well i just have to say that i envy hopper, he is lucky with the ladies. mr. hopper care to share ur wisdom ?"

    December 14th, 2008

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    tirong says:

    "One thing I like about Bob is his eye for details. He always see every little thing on an image and I'm very surprised about it. Thanks for sharing and more power."

    October 31st, 2008

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    Emy Jamie says:

    "Shiroi Bob is a VERY VERY Kind and Sweet And Gentle Person To Anyone At ALL!! Try Being Friends With Him. And He'll Be The One To Be There For You No Matter What!!"

    October 17th, 2008

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    .I Travel East. says:

    "Shiroi... aka Bob. Bob aka Shiroi.

    One gentle, caring personality. An instant good friend, Shiroi has, with his works - his photographic and writing skills, shown me the essential elements of how to enjoy comedy and fun!

    Genial, tasteful, and indeed happily thought-provoking. His posts are always bubbly! :P He never fails to paint a smile across my face.

    I can imagine him, in Japan, with Hopper, his sweet-smart bunny friend, catching everyone's attention with their fun and tongue-in-cheek antics.

    More power to you, dear Shiroi, dear Bob! You really make this Flickrworld a much, much better place for all of us!

    Mabuhay ka, kaibigan!!! / Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA"

    September 20th, 2008

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    Kamoteus (A New Beginning) says:

    "This man is an awesome photographer. Just known him through this flickr community, and whenever i look into his photo stream i just can't help myself to admire his shots. Through friends like Bob i've learned a lot in this field we called arts of photography. Thank you my friend to all your encouraging words and lovely comments and truly i've been blessed with friends like you. God Bless and happy shooting my friend!"

    September 16th, 2008

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    katherinemuchadoo says:

    "What a great photographer and sweet guy! I know he says he's not professional, but his photographs really are amazing. Any girl would be lucky to have him photograph her as his photographs are always sweet and endearing - they are never distasteful. He also exhibits a wonderful personality that is cute and bubbly that I think is so needed in this world. And most of all - everything on his photostream is SO super cute. I'm so in love with all of it!"

    August 21st, 2008

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    Kawaii-chan^___^ says:

    "A kind & awesome person, i regreat nod adding you sooner xd^^."

    July 13th, 2008

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    Tara....<3....dal says:

    "shiroi, and hopper, well i want to say , do not judge this man before you get to know him, he is funny kind and caring he does his own thing and takes some awesome pictures
    hopper his bunny compainon is just too funny, bob spends hours making his bunny tales come to life and public for all to enjoy,
    shiroi is a very intelligent person he doesnt impose his veiws on people but will share them if you ask,
    keep being you Bob..........hugs"

    May 21st, 2008

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    Asian (Street) Impressions says:

    "A kind gentleman who truly understands Japanese culture and whose photostream could be found in the dictionary under the definition of the Japanese term "Kawaii." Shiroi appreciates beauty, but he also appreciates the people behind the photos. He is a caring individual who adds a tremendous value to the Flickr community and the world at large."

    May 7th, 2008

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    Ed_X says:

    "Bob is really not your run of the mill guy, nor in his personality, nor in his photostream. Besides the many pictures of cute japanese girls, he is not afraid to show his very private life on flickr. This leads to a stream that is interesting to say the least. Bob is great with words, that is clearly visible in his own captions as well as those he has written for others. Visit his stream and you will always find something to your liking"

    April 14th, 2008

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    from NAT - with love says:

    "Bob is unlike any other guy I ever met. He takes very unique photos too. Thanks to him I have a Pro account, that helps me to develop my own stream much better. Check out his photos. Make him your friend, because he is a great friend!"

    April 9th, 2008

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    Maya Meiditta F. says:

    "thank you !
    thank you for giving me the first comment . I'm so glad , finally somebody give my pic comments . thanks for inviting me too into your group ! :D"

    January 10th, 2008

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    ossie hermosisima says:

    "Like me, Bob truly, honestly and unconditionally loves women; and that is both our strength and our weakness. More power, Bob."

    December 23rd, 2007

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    PDsparkle says:

    "You are a stunning photographer and a first class guy.

    You "Rule" Bob!"

    September 21st, 2007

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    Happy Karma says:

    "An Artist that really cares about his work and developing his skill"

    January 27th, 2007

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    tiffy_chum says:

    "Bob is a very nice and thoughtful person. He cares a lot about others and will take the time to help if he can. He has many wonderful photos here of singers and idols from Japan that are very cute!! He is a great person to have as a contact."

    December 1st, 2006

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    End of Level Boss says:

    "I would class shiroibasketshoes as a "free spirit". Very left of mind. As a result he is not afraid to take shots that others would hesitate to take. Including 1000's of "bunny shots"! Which makes having shiroibasketshoes as a contact a fun attraction to visiting He seems to constantly take snaps of some of the most attractive and happy looking women (mostly Japanese of course!) and having personally visited Japan I can see what it is that attracts him to that country. It's one of the most visually attractive and busy places on Earth and shiroibasketshoes manages to capture it in his own unique way!

    Oh... and seeing Hopper with all those beautiful ladies makes me want to come back as a fluffy toy in my next life!"

    October 14th, 2006

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    the family cat says:

    "At last a Group devoted to the fashion conscious woman.Theres millions of these on the Internet which are mainly as boring as Hell.
    The 100s of photos on here of a Japanese pop star I don't know are enough to make you want to explore her further like listening to the music.
    Japanese girl singers with the possible exception of Yoko Ono are usually easy on the ear as they are not rock chicks.
    That the photos are of a very high standard goes without saying.
    I have to admit I'm totally biased as photos of women wearing anything other than dresses I don't find exciting in the slightest.
    I just hope Marie doesn't go and spoil herself with tattoo junk

    Since the above was written shirobasketshoes better kniwn as Bob has become a good contact-we have a lot in common and are now trading CDs!"

    September 13th, 2006

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    Johnny Neko ♥ says:

    "Shiroibasketshoes, has such great photos. An excellent combination of shots, featuring many cute girls. His photos inspire me to take more photos!!"

    September 6th, 2006

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    117ps says:

    "He is a first friend in flickr.
    He's very nice photographer for female portrait.
    I love he's all photos."

    June 17th, 2006

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