I'm a sucker for an old photo, abandoned house, beat up doll...you get it. I like old things.

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    puppy52 says:

    "I'm very happy that falling in love with blythe dolls allowed me to befriend Shershe. I have always enjoyed her wonderful photos of everything! :) Namely her dolls and pets and projects :3 Her dolls always feel like they have a life of their own thru her photos, her pugs are adorable and loved and projects so perfect"

    August 26th, 2009

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    fluffy form says:

    "I met Sherri through the love of Blythe dolls, and we've been friends for years! She is one of the most helpful people in the community, always patient and willing to help and answer questions, always patient, honest and kind. Sherri is also an amazing doll customizer, just ask anyone in the Blythe community and they will tell you about her meticulous and precise doll hair reroots with pure artistry and craftsmanship. Besides Blythe dolls, Sherri takes lovely photos of her life, pets, and captures everyday surroundings with detail and beauty. I am glad to call her a friend, and I hope we will get to meet in person someday!"

    August 23rd, 2009

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    rockymountainroz says:

    "Sherri is awesome! Her Blythe re-roots are simply the best around! I am amazed at her work...my Hollywood is so proud to have a shershe re-root!!! Now lots of my girls want a shershe re-root!! AND Sherri could not be sweeter! I love to see her pictures of the dollies...and otherwise! My thanks to Sherri for being the sweetheart that she is!!!"

    August 23rd, 2009

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