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My photographs on Flickr have now had over five and a half million views.


I'm a photography enthusiast with an art and design training (Leeds College of Art); also a teacher of computing & technology. I combine a love of art & design, technology, an interest in people and the world around me in photography.


Climbing once played a major part in my life; I'm the text author of 'Cornish Rock', a photographic topographical guide to climbs in West Cornwall [1996].


I've moved between several cities and regions, met a lot of interesting people - hopefully this has made me open to people and experiences on their own merits. I try and reflect this in my photography.


My photographic interests are mainly concerned with covering events, capturing the natural world (particularly flowers), buildings and architecture, people and portraits and art generally (I've also liked graffiti and street art since when a teen; few try and record it - I do.) plus macro & close-up photography.


A few shots of mine have been featured in Flickr's Explore (Interestingness) section. Some of my shots have been featured on the BBC, Guardian & Yahoo websites. Several have been featured in books, two images have appeared on Royal Mail stamps.


I'm an admin of the Close Up & Macro group:


My photographic philosophy is: Every shot is an experiment; you only get better by practice, we learn from each other and each other's photographs. Flickr is a place of inspiration.


For each of us - it's a journey. None of us are the same; one reason it's so nice to see other peoples' work.


If you're one of my contacts, I do make an effort to view new work on a regular basis.


If you want to use an image please contact me by mail. I'm reasonable about these things.

Many of my images are available to download under a creative commons licence: Attribution-NonCommercial. (This license allows for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to the photographer i.e. me.)


May the light - and shade - be with you.


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Assignment sets submitted to the Guardian Camera Club have been reviewed on the newspaper's website. e.g.


Some of my photographs of flowers have received enough votes from other Flickr members to be invited into the below groups:


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