It's all about Plumeria!

I grow and photograph plumeria for fun and hobby.
Plumeria are I feel one of the best flowers to photograph because of their color and flower form. Just like African Violets the flowers in most cases cluster as a bouquet to the center and surrounded by leaves. All of the plumeria I grow have been to some extent hybridized both in color and fragrance.
Plumeria originate from the tropical Americas, native to Southern Mexico and South into Panama. Commonly found growing along coastal forests and communities and popular in commercial and residential.

Plumeria have found their way across the globe including enthusiasts of Chicago to New York and in Europe from Germany to the Mediterranean. Popular in India and Southeast Asia and even up into Southern Japan.
I must include some super impressive hybrids come from Thailand however I feel there are photographers that super exaggerate the flowers color for global sales.
Be aware Plumeria do not come in blue or deep purple although great effort has been made to create these colors a true blue or deep blue purple has not been achieved.

I strive to take the best quality photos possible of what I truly love to grow and share with the world!

I do have a deep appreciation for all tropical flowers and often find myself making great friendships with other flickr photographers who enjoy a similar hobby.

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March 2008
Siesta Key, Sarasota
I am:
Grow Plumeria, Take photos of the flowers, Share with the World!