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day 50, I am the lizard queen!

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    sheelarofthenorth says:

    "i want sharyn to take all the photos for every thing i ever bake.


    and she gets free samples 4 life!"

    17th November, 2007

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    bakelitebrite says:

    "She sees art and design in everything and makes it look damn good!"

    28th June, 2007

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    Princess Valium says:

    "After all this time on Flickr, I can't believe nobody has written a testimonial about Sharyn. So I'll be happy to do so.

    I love her work, whether it's on her blog or in her photos. It's vibrant, personal, funny without being facile and candid.
    Her sense of color and framing makes you feel like you're eating a bag of Skittles in a ball pit at the Chuck E. Cheese.

    I love the glimpses she shares as a hipster mom. I like her photos so much that they even make me want to go to Minnesota in the dead of winter because it looks like so much fun."

    25th September, 2006

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    Tim_Dawks says:

    "What can I say about Sharyn? She always finds a way to turn even the most mundance moment into an explosion of (to steal from Flickr) interestingness. I have been reading her stuff over at massdistraction.org for years, and I am never disappointed. Her photos rock, and so does her prose. She is a storyteller extraordinaire!"

    24th August, 2006

sharyn morrow
August 2004
St. Paul, MN, USA
I am:
Female and Taken
mother, music lover, sysadmin, photographer, writer, long-time locavore
weapons of mass distraction